Friday, January 11, 2008


It used to be pizza and a movie almost every friday night. Hanging out on the couch with the kids, watching HSM. Tonight it was waffles and the Wii. G is quite the hammer thrower. I finally managed to throw it a few times that didn't go foul. Now we are snow boarding, and I have won two rounds. I also have a small cramp in my bicep and one very mad 9 year old. BTW I don't tolerate stomping and whining while we are playing the Wii, so someone is now in his room.

I really should be doing laundry and cleaning up the water in the basement (not much), but it is still wet. We have had so much rain this week that our basement wall is seeping water, this only happens when we get a lot of rain, but our sump pump has been working overtime. I guess that is better than my friend AM's. Hers is not working at all and has a much bigger water problem than mine. I would say something like when it rains it pours, but that is pretty lame and I would never saying anything lame like that.

I also need to wrap a present for a baby shower, get my stuff ready to run in the morning and get my stuff ready to get ready at TE's house after we run. And what am I doing. I am blogging in between turns to play the Wii.

Okay I really am going to give you a "tip of the day", but the video clip didn't happen.

Chip bag closure. Seriously no one in the world seems to know how to close a chip bag properly and I hate stale chips, what a good waste of calories. I mean who doesn't need more of those.

Just because you have a chip clip doesn't mean you know how to use it. Do not just fold the bag over and clip it, do you see where the air comes in and ruins my chips.

First squeeze the bag from the chips up to get all the air out. Then fold over the right side over to the left side and then the left side over to the right side. Then fold the middle down at least once, twice if you got the space and then clip it.

See soooooo simple a man can do it.

BTW did you know that I know everyword to every song for both HSM and HSM2. I might even know all the words to a couple of Hanah Montana Songs. Once upon a time I was a grown up, now I am just a big kid.

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