Monday, June 30, 2008

It is finally over.

Today was my last day of work.  It was very bittersweet.  

Things are changing and we are moving. I spent much of the weekend in tears at farewell gatherings.  I didn't realize how much I have grown attached to the people I have met over the last few years.   Hopefully these friendships will stand the test of time and I will see them often. 

I worked until noon, went to lunch with my co-workers and then I came home and chilled out before I picked the kids up from summer camp.  When we got home I could tell they were feeling a little blue.  We decided to pile on the hammock and talk about what we are worried about.  We talked a while and then fell asleep in a pile in the middle.  

I couldn't move and I may walk forever with my leg twisted out, but it was wonderful.  It was 72 degrees, sunny and breezy.  We were under the big maple tree in the back yard with limbs swaying back and forth and the sun warming my cheeks.  There might have been some snoring going on, but it was music to my ears.  

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.  I have the next two weeks to absorb as much as I can of them before I leave.  

Saturday, June 28, 2008

There are not enough tissues in the world.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a group of friends, who I will probably not see for a long while.  Yes there is the that wonderful thing called email, but I am sorry, it is not the same.

Today, other friends are having a goodbye party for us and again these are people we will probably not see for a long while. 

I am very sad.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Late bloomer

I love this picture. I framed an 8 x 10 in a black frame with a white mat and hung it in our olive green bedroom.  I think it looks great.  In preparation to sell our house I have taken down a lot of our family pictures and hung a bunch of abstract and landscape pictures I have taken.  

I think they help the rooms show really well.  

On a related note.  We put the for sale sign up yesterday at 5:00 pm.  Last night EB says, "I am a little disappointed that no one has called."  Hello, one car has driven by, please have patience.

24 hours later and maybe I am disappointed as well.  
The disappointment is a strange and completely ridiculous thing. There our houses that have been for sale in our neighborhood for two or more years.  Yes years. Let's hope that does not happen. I/we are moving in a little over two weeks.  

But hey, we are not talking about that, right A.    

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool Factor

Now being cool is not something I have ever been a part of, not for lack of trying, but I just wasn't there.  Had I known this little fact it could have changed my life.

Saturday we went to the amusement park a couple of hours away.  We like to stay overnight, so we can stay until the park closes.  Every time we go overnight anywhere and I mean anywhere, I forget something.  Usually it is my pajamas, that is a whole different story, but often it is my bathing suit.  This time it was my pajamas and half of my bathing suit. Yes, half.  

Around 4:30 pm it started to thunder, lightening and pour down rain. We high tailed it to the car to wait out the rain,  part of our package deal included dinner.  I wasn't about to pay for another dinner when we had a perfectly good, already paid for, one waiting for us inside. Needless to say we were soaked by the time we got to the car, so we changed into the clothes I had brought for the next day.  I had a couple of extra things too, but not enough for full outfits. Cut me some slack, we have been very busy.  

Rain stopped, we went back into the park, ate dinner, kids didn't want to ride anymore rides, so we decided to go back to the hotel and swim.  So we headed to Wal-Mart to find me some pajamas and a top to wear with my bottoms.  Blah, blah, blah......... 

The boys needed dry socks, so we headed over to the sock aisle and perused the socks.  The boys were discussing the merits of "no show" socks, when B leans over and says to Z, "plus they make you look cool."

If I had only known, I could have saved myself years of agony.

PS.  I also let Z by a t-shirt, I am embarrassed to say, I think is hysterical.  It says 

Save Gas, Toot in a jar.  I know I am completely immature, but I find flatulence funny.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The countdown is on.

There will be a whole series of countdowns in my life over the next few weeks, but the biggest one is the one that is farthest off.  Let's face it, even that is only 25 days away.  We have been working every night until way past my bed time getting the house ready to sell.  We will put it on the market next week, after several delays, and then begin some serious praying.  Not that I haven't been doing that a lot lately.  God's got a plan and I am letting him run with it.  I only wish it included more sleep.

Anyway, in 25 days I will leave my kids and the EB behind and go and start my new job.  I am very excited and emotional at the same time.  It is a great opportunity, but I have only been away from my kids for one week, and never without the EB for more than a couple of days.  I think God is taking care of that one too. EB is supposed to be having a phone interview next week.  

On a much lighter and more fun note, have you been to SEARS this week.  Almost all of their Land's End items are on sale.  Okay they are on sale on line too, but if you are bored at work and need to waste some time, head over to SEARS.  Today I bought myself two of their fabulous canvas totes.  The large one was only $15.50 and the medium one was only $13.50.  I am so excited.  So is EB, he said I just really needed another bag didn't I.  I could carry 2 watermelons in that giant bag.  Then I wouldn't leave them under my cart at the grocery store.  

I also picked up a new swim mini bottom, 30% off.  I didn't need a top because, after all, that part didn't grow with my butt over that last year.  Oh well.  Win some lose some.  

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Formanized Bacon!

I love my George Foreman grill. 

I have the five in one combination thingy and use it all the time. 

One of my favorite uses for it is bacon.  

Bacon, bacon, bacon.  

I don't make it very often.  Since I make it on the George Forman grill it must be better for me, I mean really the fat slides right into the lovely tray.

This is how it comes off the grill.  

One big hunk of bacon. 


I do not mind the clean up from cooking bacon when I use the George.

Mmmm.  That just sounds good right now. Crispy bacon.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Just say awwwww!

I was going to blog about Foremanized bacon until I went upstairs and saw this.

Z fell asleep reading the dictionary.  Apparently this is not the first time.  This child of mine cracks me up.  He only reads in school and when he goes to bed.  He does listen to stories, but usually while he is doing something else.  G is a great reader and does so all the time.  Just like her mother.  When I was talking to their teacher on Wednesday, we were discussing how great of a reader G is, but that Z really doesn't read as well.  She said, "You will be shocked when you see the results of the STAR reading tests.  G did well, but  Z did extremely well.  He always does really well on his A/R tests too.  He does really well in Math too.  

I think he is going to be one of those kids who does everything well and doesn't have to try. G and B both seem to have to try harder.  He is good at sports too.  He reminds me of this kid I went to high school with. He didn't graduate, failed most of his classes, but nearly Aced the ACT.  He just wasn't motivated.   


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Deliciously wonderful goodness.

Have you tried this yet?  

Well don't.  

If you don't heed my warning, you will have to avoid your favorite grocery store when it is on sale. Like this week when it is 10 for $10 and if you buy 10 you get the 11th one free.

It is so easy to justify eating this stuff.

For one, it is cereal.  It is an acceptable breakfast.

Two, it has 50% less fat.  Of course that is only true if you actually eat only one serving, not 5 or possibly 6, okay well the whole darn bag.

That is all the justification I need.  Two more days and then it won't be on sale anymore and I can actually go buy my family some groceries.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Choclit fug

to Mom
I love you mom.
I love you relly
much. even thow
you like chocolit
fug. I still
love you.
(Giant Heart)
It is unconditional and so much more than a mother could ask for. She made one for EB too.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The first of many lasts.

Today I ran a 10K with some friends.  This is the 4th year I have run this race with one of these friends.  

They changed the course this year and the last 1/2 a mile, was all uphill.  

This was not a nice change to the course.  

I was also less than prepared.

Two of my friends have been training together and were clipping along at a pretty fast pace for me. Thankfully I am a little competitive, so as long as I could see them I tried to and did keep up.  

On the last 100 yards of the hill S. had a burst of energy and decided to sprint ahead.  A and I just tried to make it up the hill.  We were almost there when I came upon the realization that this was the last time we would run this race together and probably the last time we probably even run together.  I had to say it and then I started to cry.  I could barely breathe, but we managed to get to the top of the hill.  We turn the corner, where we assume the finish line is going to be, but WTH it is not there,  Whose friggin idea of funny is this.  We had to then run around the school to the finish line.  That was just adding insult to injury.

As we rounded the last corner and could see the finish line, A yells, "sprint, sprint" and we did.

We finished with our best time ever.  I would tell you what it was, but you would probably laugh.  I came in 40th in my age group.  Yee Ha.

We had some chocolate cherry bread and then eventually headed back to the car and said goodbye.  

Thankfully I had a another friend to ride home with or I probably would have bawled the whole way home.

THANKS A.   It was a great run.