Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mmmmm good!

The enchilada lasagna was excellent.  Too bad it was just me, G, and Z.  EB got paged at 2:25 and had to go into work, so B went with him for a ride.  Who knew they would be gone for, what will be, 7 hours when they get home.  B's only consolation will be a trip to McDonald's.  Dad said he is holding up well.  

Today has been one of those wonderfully relaxing days. Got up and ran for two hours with friends, popped into the grocery store and then home to shower and put on my favorite velour pajamas and a turtleneck.  Ate leftover pizza and spaghetti pie for lunch, napped in the recliner then read some blogs, ate some dinner and now I am off to play Wii with the kids. 

AHHH   the good life.

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