Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

It is Sunday night and I swear I just left work on Friday. It was a great weekend. Saturday I ran a bunch of miles with friends, nothing beats that to start the day. Then off to a very nice baby shower with better food than I have ever made for a baby shower. Then I met EB and the kids at restaurant with a giant TV so that we could watch my beloved PACKERS. We had to drive home very quickly during the 3rd quarter so that we could see the end of the game.

BTW I really should only watch football at home. Thankfully there were not a lot of people at the restaurant when we were there because I could not contain my excitement.

I love watching Brett Farve play. While I will admit there may ( I mean MAY) be more skilled quarterbacks out there, but none are as enjoyable to watch as Brett. I cheer and cry with him all the time. The only sad part about the game is having to watch Matt Hassleback lose. He is my second favorite quarterback, mostly because he was Brett's understudy!

Thankfully the Giants beat Dallas today and we don't have to play in TX.

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