Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hold on to your hats.......

and coats and shoes and tables and chairs and planters and deck boxes and basketball hoops.  Okay you get the idea.  It is just a teeny bit windy here today.  Here and everywhere else in the Midwest.  They are saying the white fluffy stuff could be coming as well.  Can you really complain about that considering it was 68 degrees this weekend.

The puppies are not happy. They are down right scared of the noise and the wind.  You might even need to hold them to the ground to get them to go.  Good news is the satellite has not gone out, so as soon as the kids go to bed I can watch GLEE!!!!

Our neighbor came over to let us know that we had a coyote on the porch yesterday.  Great.  I told EB we needed to get a giant spotlight for walking the dogs.  I have heard them quite often, just hadn't actually seen one.  We are going to have to start a neighborhood watch for the animals, not people.

Spent a lovely weekend with these women.

Looking at these

Of course there was eating and shopping too and then eating again.  Amy introduced us to a new beer. Wild Blue.  Very nice!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bare feet welcome!

You can once again walk bare foot in our front yard.  Of course it is going to snow next week, but still your feet won't come out full of thorns.

I spent 2 hours digging out those darn prickers and that was only about 1/2 the yard.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could use a screwdriver and a hammer to get rid of all the other prickers in my life.  I guess I could but then I would be in jail.

Guilty as charged

Accessory to a crime.

Spare a square?

You catch em you clean em.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy come easy go

We lost a fish, Zeplen went bye-bye.  Purchased two new fish.  The lovely sales person at Petsmart talked Z into getting two 20 cent fish instead of 1 $15 fish.  Thank you, as one of those fish was belly up in the morning.

Puppy classes at Petsmart is some sort of racket.  We rarely leave there without spending $30.  Which is, of course, why they have training classes there.  Friday is graduation.  I am not certain these darling little things are going to graduate.  They have to walk down and aisle of treats thrown on the floor and not pick them up.  Thankfully they are not putting dirty socks or underwear down or there wouldn't be any hope at all.   We were going to sign up for the intermediate class, but we found out that our trainer is leaving and we really like her, so we may take back our Friday nights for beer and pizza.

This fabulous weather we are having is really becoming a problem.  My house is filthy and the possibility of getting it cleaned is slim and none.  I am actually a little disgusted by the fact that there is quite a layer of dust right here on the glass desk I am sitting at, but it hard to remain focused when it is 84 degrees in the middle of October.

The lottery drawing is tonight and here's hoping that dollar we spent will come through for us.

Okay I really have to clean this desk.  I can't look at it anymore.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Deja' vu ~ Does it happen to you?

Yesterday was a great day.  It started early, 4:45 am to be exact, on a Sunday no less.  The wonderful EB took us to the big city for an early morning run, up one very long hill.  The course was beautiful, but the company was even better.  Then the fabulous EB came back and picked up the elated runners and took us to the drive through for some caffeinated rejuvination.

Friends departed, lunch was eaten, shirts were ironed...blah blah blah.

We headed to the park to take family pictures. It is one of our favorite parks, I have blogged about it before, the very long, steep hill to get to the waterfall.  We have even taken pictures there before, but here is where the Deja Vu comes in.....  We walked down the really steep hill, took some pictures and then decided to take the horrifically brutal scary stairs back up to the top, because EB thinks it will be shorter.  EB goes behind me so I don't totally freak out.  It takes about 15 minutes but I make it to the top, breathing really hard.   We walk about a 1/2 mile take some more pictures then head back to the car.  Only we can't find our way to the parking lot.  We run into another couple who informs us that we really can't get back to our car from where we are.  We have to go back down the stairs and back up the hill.  It is getting dark.  It is 6:30 pm and we have been there since 3:00.  We are tired, hungry and feeling a little bit distressed.  We get back to the waterfall and head to the big hill.  There are 4 deer on the hill and the boys are worried they are going to charge us.  They are crying and I am thinking I am ready to start too.  I am walking, crawling, dragging my shaking thighs up the hill when I get that creepy feeling we have been there before, right down to the conversation we were having  .  EB says this is not true, we have not done this before, but I know that in my mind we have.

BTW.  It was late, we were tired, we hit the drive through, again. I treated myself to a Big Mac.  It has been at least 10 years, since I have had one of those, maybe longer.  It was wonderful.

And 4 more sets of these stairs and you will know what I survived.  There were at least 100 steps.