Friday, January 25, 2008

BAD mother

Okay I am a really bad mother.  B, G and Z have been playing computer games and watching tv since they finished their homework at 4:30 this afternoon.  I will say they were educational computer games, but still games. That is more tv than I let them watch all week.  

All because I wanted to try and install this tv tuner for the computer, so that we could record tv. For example the kids are now watching the new Disney movie minutemen,  (from the bit I've seen from my desk here it looks pretty good). I thought it would be good to record it, so we could watch it when it is not so late.  

Of course I wanted to read a few blogs and do a little email and maybe organize some pictures, but really I was just trying to install the software so that they could have their move to watch again.  

Anyway now I need to go to bed.  My fabulous running friends and I are going running, for two hours, in the freezing cold tomorrow morning and I need my sleep.  

I need extra sleep because I am going to go to best buy and chew out the little sales person who said this hdtv thing would do just what I needed.  PHOOEY.

There was just a commercial on for the Hannah Montana 3d Movie and G said "ooh I am going to that".  She is very excited, she has a date with a girlfriend for lunch and a movie.  

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