Monday, September 26, 2011

Out with the old

I don't know about you, but I get tired of eating the same old thing over and over again.  It is not that I am not a good cook, I just stink at deciding what to make.  Then there are those picky children.  So I am on a mission to cook something new each week.  The week before last I had the kids each pick something out of my cooking light magazine and I made it.  They were basically different varieties of things we have eaten before, but still different.  Tonight I made Spinach, Pasta and Chick Pea soup.  It was really good.  I tweaked it a bit by adding the extra bacon, from the BLTs we were also having.  That may have thrown off the nutritional value, but hey it tasted great and the kids ate.  Even the chick peas.

I am also going to make a fennel and spinach side dish later this week.  I have never made anything with fennel but here's to trying something new.

Any other suggestions?  I am going to try to make pumpkin soup soon.

EB and B passed their practical test for hunter's safety tonight tomorrow is graduation and a video on field dressing a deer.   Boy are they excited about the movie.  I am sure they will serve popcorn and M & Ms.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ouch, ouch, ouch

That could be a reference to my really bad typing on my last post, but no.  Last week I decided to run 16 miles, in my brand new shoes and inserts, in the cold and rain.  Since then, my hip has been really bothering me, really, really bothering me.  So to make sure it didn't get any better, I ran 18 miles today.  I should have ran 13 today, but next week when I was supposed to run 18 I have a 10 mile race.  Anyway I had to switch things around.  This is the stuff you have to put up with when you decide to do crazy things like run a marathon at age 45.  I am excited to go to New York, but I am hoping now that I can make the at all.   I have 6 weeks to get it together. Training for a race, has a tendency to take the fun out of running.  There isn't the option of saying, "I don't feel like running today.

Another ouch.  Our house is back on the market.  The bank took to long to approve the loan and the buyers backed out.  Their realtor made sure we didn't get a cent of their earnst money, when she made us sign a new contract and her buyers never did, even though they asked for the extension.

Y camp was a lot of fun, in spite of the crappy weather, the piece of plywood I slept on and the nasty smell of ten year old girl's tennis shoes. Oh my Lord. I met a few really nice women and even learned a little about the environment.  I took 355 pictures for the 5th grade slide show and still not sure I got a one of everyone.  I  learned some new camp songs and spent some time talking to the teachers.  Our school is so lucky.  The teachers are awesome and they really care about our kids.

After having this mac book for 6 months, I finally figured out how to make it do the right click I love so much on my work PC.

I am trying to upgrade my imac to snow leopard and it is not going well, all because I wanted a track pad for a mouse, which requires snow leopard.  It keeps getting stuck in the same place every time.  It is making me cranky.  I did what I was supposed to do and it still won't work.  Of course, there is no support on a 4 year old computer.  Poop.  I might try using support for my laptop to see if I can get some help.

The Packer game starts in an hour.  GO PACK GO.  I can't believe I am cheering for the Lions, but I certainly would like to see Detroit have a couple of positive things this year. Only 2 minutes to go.   Go Tigers too.

Okay, that is a whole lot of nothing, but it's all I got.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One cranky puppy.

Ellie is on a diet and it is not going well.  She is a couple of pounds overweight, which doesn't seem like a lot, unless you weigh 20 pounds.  Then it is 10% of your body weight.  She has been sitting in the kitchen crying every night.  She sits and cries by the dog food closet.  I know how she feels.  I stinks to be deprived.  I mean really, I only let myself have 3 fudge graham cookies tonight when really I wanted 5.  I am trying to get them more exercise, but they can't make it 4 miles with me and it is getting dark early again, so after I run doesn't really work.  Okay now she is eating EB's crocs.  I really do feel bad for the poor girl.

New TV starts this week.  I recorded Glee and am watching Raising Hope and the Biggest Loser.  If you haven't watched Raising Hope, you really should.  I don't know why but that show makes me laugh all the time.  There isn't really anything else that I am excited about.  Oh except, Modern Family. I always forget about that show.

Tomorrow is camp and, goodness, I haven't even packed.  I have been lectured a couple of times about how I really should get my stuff together.  I have to get to bed.  I need to run 6 miles before camp.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I should call it quits.

I know I should just call it quits with this blog.  My posts have become almost obsolete.  I just can't quite do it.

School has started, fall is here and the garden is done.  The pumpkins are just sitting out there waiting to be carved.  It is a little early, but it won't be long.  We are still waiting for something to happen on the house, but I am not holding my breath.

Training has been going well, but I am certainly not going to do this again.  I feel good, but there isn't enough time.  Just realized I was supposed to go over to another parent's house and work on the yearbook tonight.  Oops.  I even had it on my calendar.

Went to a wedding yesterday where everyone, of the groom's friends and family, really dislike the bride.  AWKWARD.  It was strange.  His Dad didn't even come.    I did get some great pictures of the family though.

The Packers , Bucs and believe it or not the Lions won too.

Looking forward to chaperoning 82 fifth graders, at sleep away camp, for three days. Of course camp is just 5 minutes from school, but if you have great facilities, close, you should use them.  I hope the weather forecast improves for Wednesday.  Right now it looks like it will be much like today, which was, lets just say, crappy.  Oh well, it is rain or shine!

Toffee is laying next to me on the couch and one of us needs a bath.  I am thinking it is him, since I showered today.

I have had "The Help" on my list to see since it came out.  Guess I'll be renting it from Redbox.

Lame post, but my brain is tired along with my body.