Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well I am definitely lost.  Andy has been watching that show for the last couple of years and then for the last two nights they have been replaying the last episode, plus snippets of all of the seasons.  Next will be the season premiere.  I have to go to bed.  I swear it is the dumbest show ever.

Okay I say that because I am sure I just don't need to get sucked into a tv show I have never watched.  

That happened to me once and then I wasted the next several years watching days of our lives.  

My to do list

Do you ever feel like you can't even get organized enough to write down your to do list.

That is where I am at right now.  I know there are a million things I need to do in the next 9 days, but I just can't get it figured out.  

For example I know that I need to pre-purchase checked baggage before we go. So I tried several times tonight and it keeps saying try again later.  

I also need to figure out whether we are taking an airport limo to the airport or are we going to park there.

I need to buy a gift for a friend, before her party tomorrow night.  I also need to make spinach dip for the party.  

Thankfully that EB stopped at the store for me tonight and picked up all the things I needed .

I did manage to get my haircut today.  That always makes me feel like a new woman.  I asked her to make me 10 years younger, that didn't happen, but the haircut is good.

Okay, I really need to figure out the parking.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 days until Disney

I am not sure who is more excited me or the kids.   I am doing the ridiculous things right now.  Like ordering shoes for the kids from land's end overstocks.  Did I ever tell you how much I love land's end overstocks. 

I ordered these shoes for B and Z. $14.99 I consider that a steal for boys skater shoes. 

I ordered this swimsuit for G.  At 19.99, I am not sure I consider it a steal, but if her bottom stays in it, it will be worth it.  

I also ordered a few other things, but not one thing for myself.  I am just hoping that I can find something to take that fits over my big butt.

I also finally made reservations for a character dining experience, only I goofed.  I wanted to make reservations at Chef Mickey, but I made reservations at Cape May Cafe, which is with Goofy and not Mickey.  Oh well, I am sure they will still be excited.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut, because I know that was essential to the trip.  Need to have good hair for the pictures.  I am also going to start a packing list.  Really I am.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom I'm Done

I have a serious question here.

When do I get to stop wiping my children's bottoms?  I mean seriously, it is getting old.  

They must go at school or do they just save it up until they get home and then mom and dad have to take care of. 

Well I know they go at school, because I have seen the results of them wiping their own bottoms. You know what I am talking about.  The underwear you just throw away, because lets face it you don't want it washed with the rest of the laundry.  

Then there were the couple of times that maybe someone had an accident at daycare or preschool and the teacher so kindly had them put the underwear in a bag, tied it up and then sent it home with you.  Then as you were walking out of school, you threw it in the garbage on the way down the hall.

You know you do it.  I know AM does!  

Sorry if this grosses anyone out, but these are the things I think of.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

Today I went to Best Buy to return the computer thingy (very technical term) that didn't work.  As I pulled into the parking lot a man, a woman and a child were standing and looking at the front grill of a car, that was sitting in a snow bank. 

It was so very strange the way the grill was sitting there.  Like someone had pulled into the parking spot and then when they backed out the grill was still there. At least most of it, one small corner was missing.  Why would you leave a grill that fell off of your car in a parking lot?

Then again,  why were these people looking at it.  Were they going to take it home, put it on their car, use it a lawn ornament. I saw them get into another car and it didn't belong to that car.  

It is like when you see a stray shoe on the interstate. How did one lone shoe get there.  They are every where.  Do people lose their shoes when they are hanging their feet out the window.  If I lost a shoe, I would surely be going back to get it.  First it is littering and second, shoes cost money, that would be like "throwing money out the window".  Oh I did not just say that.  Sorry. 

Then there was grandma.  Now this didn't make me go hmmm, but it sure made me smile.   As I was standing at the counter at best buy. A sales person came up to the exchange desk with an elderly woman (probably in her mid to late 70s). It seems her son had gotten her an ipod nano for Christmas, but she decided she needed a bigger one, so she was exchanging it for an ipod classic.  She was also picking up a couple of itunes cards so she could load up on music.  

First off, I am on my 3rd mp3 type player and have yet to download one song from the internet.  I have only put music on it that already owned.  

I so want to be a hip granny.  Okay wait my I should say that I hope when I am a grandma in like 25 years that I will be a hip granny

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quiet interrupted!

Andy got paged and came home, so  I thought I should go watch the monsters at drop in soccer.  

G had gone along to watch, since she is just so athletic.  Anyway when I got there, she was on the stage flitting around with a friend. Soccer is at the old middle school, that was first an all purpose school and then a high school and then the middle school.  It has one of those old gyms with a stage on the side. 

This is all where G has dance, so she was in her element.  She is going to be a star!

Can you hear that?

Of course you can't.  Why, because there is no one here.  There is peace and quiet.  Jut the rat a tat tat of my keyboard and maybe the crunch or two of my crackers.

The lovely EB took all the kids to drop in soccer and then basketball. 3 hours all to myself.  Oh what will I do.  Blog, Blog and a little more blog.  Okay maybe I should put away the 4 loads of clean laundry and pick up the house.

Earlier I took the kids ice skating.  We did the "funky camel".  You say, "What is the funky 
camel?"  I have been teaching the kids to skate.  I was showing them one my fancy moves and saying I was doing a "Dorothy Hamel".  Well G tried to do the same thing and then said, "Mom, do you like my funky camel.

BTW only 13 days until Disney.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mmmmm good!

The enchilada lasagna was excellent.  Too bad it was just me, G, and Z.  EB got paged at 2:25 and had to go into work, so B went with him for a ride.  Who knew they would be gone for, what will be, 7 hours when they get home.  B's only consolation will be a trip to McDonald's.  Dad said he is holding up well.  

Today has been one of those wonderfully relaxing days. Got up and ran for two hours with friends, popped into the grocery store and then home to shower and put on my favorite velour pajamas and a turtleneck.  Ate leftover pizza and spaghetti pie for lunch, napped in the recliner then read some blogs, ate some dinner and now I am off to play Wii with the kids. 

AHHH   the good life.

Just sitting here at the computer when

I should be making dinner.  I just realized that if is 4:18 and I am making enchilada lasagna and it takes about hour and a half.   

Someone has to stop me.

Notice I did take a minute to blog, after all I have been reading everyone else's.

Friday, January 25, 2008

BAD mother

Okay I am a really bad mother.  B, G and Z have been playing computer games and watching tv since they finished their homework at 4:30 this afternoon.  I will say they were educational computer games, but still games. That is more tv than I let them watch all week.  

All because I wanted to try and install this tv tuner for the computer, so that we could record tv. For example the kids are now watching the new Disney movie minutemen,  (from the bit I've seen from my desk here it looks pretty good). I thought it would be good to record it, so we could watch it when it is not so late.  

Of course I wanted to read a few blogs and do a little email and maybe organize some pictures, but really I was just trying to install the software so that they could have their move to watch again.  

Anyway now I need to go to bed.  My fabulous running friends and I are going running, for two hours, in the freezing cold tomorrow morning and I need my sleep.  

I need extra sleep because I am going to go to best buy and chew out the little sales person who said this hdtv thing would do just what I needed.  PHOOEY.

There was just a commercial on for the Hannah Montana 3d Movie and G said "ooh I am going to that".  She is very excited, she has a date with a girlfriend for lunch and a movie.  

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It does have speakerphone

I just checked the new phone and it does have speakerphone.  Let the multitasking begin Speakerphone from the handset even.  I can now stir the spaghetti and talk on the phone.  BTW I will not be calling you on speakerphone from the bathroom.  Go back and read my bathroom etiquette  blog.

Aside from the fact that I actually hate to talk on the phone, it is a great concept.  

I know you are shocked. But alas I do not.  It is kind of a phobia that I have.  So if I am ever talking to you and say okay got to go, do be offended, I have probably reached my phone limit.  

More stimulation for the economy!

EB had to spend $65 on a new phone today because our fancy new wireless network for our computers operates on the same frequency as our old phone, so I was losing my internet connection every couple of minutes.  This is quite a pain when you want to be the "blogging queen".  

Oh I know, with my 6 readers, I am going to an on my way.

I have also decided that I need a new desk chair. If I am going to continue to spend all of my free time at the computer, the extra dining room chair is definitely not going to cut it.  I guess I could use that as an excuse to get a massage.  Hmmm I will have to contemplate that one for a while.  

I am also thinking I might need a headset for the home phone or maybe the new phone has speakerphone.  That way when I call every help desk person there is, for all of these lovely gadgets I can't figure out, I won't get a crick in my neck.  

Do you know how hard it is to hold a cell phone under your ear with you shoulder so that you can type with two hands.  Try it and then go get a massage.  

The fabulous EB also filled my car up with gas.  That is more stimulation to the economy.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fundraising Heaven :P

Last year it was the flying duck, have to have the flying duck. You remember the one the was broken right after we came home.  

Well this year it was the fabulous light up cup.  This cup lights up when filled with liquid and then shuts off when the liquid is poured out. 

Unless this is a fabulous fundraiser cup, with 10 hours of continuous battery life, which you used for dinner and your mother washed by hand and completely dried and it still won't shut off. So one little six year old is going to be completely broken hearted when he gets up to have a glass of water and his 10 hours of continuous battery life are over.

There was intense pressure last night to come up with 21 names to send those lovely magazine order forms too.  Oh you know, if you were on my Christmas card list, you are getting one.  And if you are on my Christmas card list and a member of our family, you are probably getting two.  

I love fundraisers.  I am just disappointed that we don't have more.  I mean right now I have 5 jars of, what I am afraid is probably un-edible, junk in my pantry from the fall fundraiser.  Now I must say that I told EB not to buy all that junk, just send in some money to the PTO, but no, he thought he should buy a bunch of stuff I am afraid to open.  

I am so tired of the way they get the kids all pumped up about the C-R-A-P the kids will get if they just fill out 7 of these forms and return them the next day.  They also got this fabulous teddy bear clip on, I believe cell phone holder or maybe it is an ipod holder.  Lucky G, also had a dollar in hers.  I mean no wonder she didn't stop pestering me for three hours after school to fill out her forms. 

I actually pushed it all off on EB.  I am nice that way.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Plumbing repairs are a rip-off

I think I am going to take a basic plumbing class.  

Today we had to have the plumber come to snake our drain.  We have a snake, but not one of the heavy duty ones and I was tired of brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink.  Therefore we paid the plumber.

I am disgusted by the fact that I paid the plumber $270, to spend 5 minutes snaking my drain. JUST SICK, maybe as sick as I was last night.

Just now I decided to look up on line how much one of those fancy electric snakes are.  Okay, $179 for the fancy snake.  I decided I am going to buy one and snake drains in exchange for beer and pizza.   


The bed made it upstairs yesterday

It was very interesting and I think we all are going to need to see the local chiropractor.  I should have taken pictures as it was quite a sight.  

The bed was folded at a 90 degree angle and still didn't want to go up our terribly small steps.  It required a beverage before P could go home.  THANKS P.  Couldn't have done it with out you.  

I was so looking forward to a good night sleep, but unfortunately that passed me by.  EB said I fell right asleep and started  snoring, but I woke up at 2:30 (too much water) and couldn't get back to sleep until after 4 some time.  I was still a bit stressed about the whole football game.

I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

Oh well maybe tonight.    

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's here, it's here, with one big problem!

Did you know that a Tempurpedic bed freezes. Yes, that is what I said. The darn thing is frozen and sitting against the wall in our living room. We can't move the darn thing until it is thawed out.

We had them take our old bed away, so guess who is sleeping on the couch tonight. I should really make the kids sleep on the floor and I could take residence in the bunk beds. EB is going to get the recliner. This should be fun.

Maybe I will lay in it all day tomorrow. Watch my Packers and hang out on the new bed.


BTW Did I mention that my beloved Packers are playing tomorrow and I would appreciate it if you would all turn on the game and cheer on my man Brett.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The party was hoppin!

It was the annual Mid-winter dance at KES. The party was hoppin and those girls were shaking everything they had. The boys were running around like crazy animals..... until...... they played "Achey Breaky heart" Oh that Billy Ray. Or "Bobby Ray" as the Hannah Montanna set knows him. The little Z was so cute, with the gigantic hole in is smile, doing his little line dance.

The Dj was just a couple of years younger than I am and she played all that great 80's music, that is so fun to dance too. At least it was, back when things still moved. It is your typical kids dance. The parents all stand around the outside, singing the music they love, wanting to dance, but not really wanting to make a fool of themselves in front of the parents of their kids friends.

Thankfully, there are other mother's like me who've got no rhythm and don't really care.

The gym teacher was wearing a t-shirt, I think I must have. It said:

"What if the hokey pokey, is what it is all about"

I like that almost as much as the t-shirt I have that says.

"If it is not one thing, it's your mother"

BTW -the bed is coming between 3 and 6 tomorrow. I'd invite you all over to check it out, but that sounds kinda kinky!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The bed is coming

Okay, we got the call. The bed is in and will be delivered on Saturday.

Sometime after swimming lessons, but before dinner. I am taking the kids to a birthday party and EB is going to stay home and wait for the delivery.

Now this isn't just any bed. This is THE bed. This is the bed that is going to change my life. I just know it.

This bed is going to make me

A bed can do that, can't it? I have extremely high expectations for this bed. Good thing it doesn't know that. The pressure would kill it.

Or maybe I will just get a good nights sleep. That kind of was the point of a new bed, right.

PS Do you think it could help Brett and my beloved Packers win on Sunday. OH PLEASE LET THEM WIN!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bathroom etiquette

This post will double as a tip for the day and a little rant.

Now, I know there are no published rules on bathroom etiquette, but by God there should be. I would say these are in order of importance, but really they are all equal in my book.

  • DO NOT talk on your cell phone while you are using the bathroom . I can't believe I even have to say that, but apparently I do because there are people who do. All the time.

  • If you follow me into the bathroom and there are four empty stalls, DO NOT use the one right next to me. I select my stall for maximum privacy. Don't invade my space.

  • When you are done, FLUSH, and make sure what you flushed goes down.

  • DO NOT pee on the seat. If you must hover, clean up after yourself.




That's all I am going to say about that.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's pray for sleep

Last night it was Z's turn. Up crying twice last night that his legs hurt. Growing pains, I don't care what anyone says. I had them, they stink.

I felt so bad, that I pulled him into bed with us. We all slept in a pile, with me in the middle. Guess who didn't get any sleep.

Man I wish that bed would come. Hopefully this week. Anyway, here it is 8:15 and I am so ready for bed.

On the advice of TE, I put some frozen chicken breast and a tub of salsa in the crockpot and let it cook all day. Came home from work, heated up some refried beans and tortillas and had us a little fiesta. It was great. I was worried the chicken would be dry after 11 hours in the crockpot, but it was excellent.

Any more good quick dinner ideas? Anyone?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Someone call the fireman, mom is cooking again.

That is what they said.

I made another fabulous roast tonight because that is what EB wanted. I hope this doesn't become another Friday night pizza thing. Not that it isn't good, but I don't run enough for that much red meat.

Anyway I thought I would make some nice hot buttery bread to go with it. So I stuck it under the broiler and I am sure you can figure out just what happened.

I should probably go get the bread off the sidewalk before some squirrel tries to eat it and chokes to death.

The porch still stinks, 2 hours later.

Where did the weekend go?

It is Sunday night and I swear I just left work on Friday. It was a great weekend. Saturday I ran a bunch of miles with friends, nothing beats that to start the day. Then off to a very nice baby shower with better food than I have ever made for a baby shower. Then I met EB and the kids at restaurant with a giant TV so that we could watch my beloved PACKERS. We had to drive home very quickly during the 3rd quarter so that we could see the end of the game.

BTW I really should only watch football at home. Thankfully there were not a lot of people at the restaurant when we were there because I could not contain my excitement.

I love watching Brett Farve play. While I will admit there may ( I mean MAY) be more skilled quarterbacks out there, but none are as enjoyable to watch as Brett. I cheer and cry with him all the time. The only sad part about the game is having to watch Matt Hassleback lose. He is my second favorite quarterback, mostly because he was Brett's understudy!

Thankfully the Giants beat Dallas today and we don't have to play in TX.

Friday, January 11, 2008


It used to be pizza and a movie almost every friday night. Hanging out on the couch with the kids, watching HSM. Tonight it was waffles and the Wii. G is quite the hammer thrower. I finally managed to throw it a few times that didn't go foul. Now we are snow boarding, and I have won two rounds. I also have a small cramp in my bicep and one very mad 9 year old. BTW I don't tolerate stomping and whining while we are playing the Wii, so someone is now in his room.

I really should be doing laundry and cleaning up the water in the basement (not much), but it is still wet. We have had so much rain this week that our basement wall is seeping water, this only happens when we get a lot of rain, but our sump pump has been working overtime. I guess that is better than my friend AM's. Hers is not working at all and has a much bigger water problem than mine. I would say something like when it rains it pours, but that is pretty lame and I would never saying anything lame like that.

I also need to wrap a present for a baby shower, get my stuff ready to run in the morning and get my stuff ready to get ready at TE's house after we run. And what am I doing. I am blogging in between turns to play the Wii.

Okay I really am going to give you a "tip of the day", but the video clip didn't happen.

Chip bag closure. Seriously no one in the world seems to know how to close a chip bag properly and I hate stale chips, what a good waste of calories. I mean who doesn't need more of those.

Just because you have a chip clip doesn't mean you know how to use it. Do not just fold the bag over and clip it, do you see where the air comes in and ruins my chips.

First squeeze the bag from the chips up to get all the air out. Then fold over the right side over to the left side and then the left side over to the right side. Then fold the middle down at least once, twice if you got the space and then clip it.

See soooooo simple a man can do it.

BTW did you know that I know everyword to every song for both HSM and HSM2. I might even know all the words to a couple of Hanah Montana Songs. Once upon a time I was a grown up, now I am just a big kid.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early to bed

I know I was going to do a little helpful tip today, but I have a headache bigger than texas. I also know that it is 7:43 and I am going to bed.

Sleep, I need sleep. Darn I hope that bed is a good as they say it is and comes soon.

Here is a snippet of my first tip. Crumpling the chip bag and putting a clothespin on it, does not qualify as proper bag closure. That's all I got to say about that. At least for this minute.
Please let the ibuprofen kick in soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The next something?

Today, as I was feeding the kids dinner (frozen pizza, I am so June Cleaver) and getting ready for AWANA, I received two phone calls. One from the teacher of our AWANA class, (I am the assistant) and the other from the AWANA director. Our teacher was going to be out and could I run class, really not a big deal they are 3-5 year olds and they wouldn't know if I was messing it up or not. The second call was a much bigger deal. Our AWANA director has been one of the co-directors of our VBS (Vacation Bible School) program for the last 8 years, this year she stepped down from VBS and into the AWANA directors position. She has asked me to step into the role of co-director of VBS.

This is a big deal. It is a huge time commitment and I am not sure if it is a good time to take on something this big, while looking for a new job and working full time. On the flip side, it is a great opportunity to be more involved in our church. So pray for me to get some direction on this one.

Starting tomorrow I think I am going to post a "tip a day". You know really helpful things, like:

How to close a chip bag.
How to replace the role on the toilet paper.

If all goes well I might even throw in a video, showing how these things are so easy, even a man could do it.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where is my self control?

Seriously folks. I used to have some. A few years back (okay like 4) I never ate anything bad. I just stopped, I didn't participate in our department breakfasts, I could let a basket of candy sit on my desk for weeks and never touch it. I was trying to lose wait after the twins and I had such will power. Now I have, oh, less than 24 hours worth of will power.

It started yesterday at about 11:00, wouldn't you say AM. I emailed AM and said, I need some Milk Duds and I need them bad. The closest store is CVS and I despise it. I think I have been in there once in the last two years. Anyway, I managed to not go to the despised store, ate my fruit and then went home. Today, about 7:30 am, I started thinking about the darn Milk Duds, and I wanted them so bad, that all I could think about was Milk Duds, until I started thinking about Diet Coke and then I really could only think about Milk Duds and Diet Coke. I had work that needed to get done and it wasn't going to get done until I had my Milk Duds and Diet Coke. So I zipped over to the despised store, then to the vending machine and then to my desk where I proceeded to eat an entire box of Milk Duds and a drink 20 oz. Diet Coke over ice. Not even caffeine free.

Did you know there are 3.5 servings in one big box of Milk Duds. There are 6 grams of fat and 170 calories per serving. You do the math, I can't think about it. To top it off I ate my Milk Duds with a whole lot of pretzels. Chewy caramel and crunchy pretzels....MMMMMMM Then I proceeded to eat my left over spaghetti, carrots and an orange.

Needless to say I didn't feel to well after all of that. The kicker of it all. The darn Milk Duds were kind of stale, almost bitter, I am sure it is all that darn store's fault. Not that it stopped me from eating the whole entire box.

On a much happier note. A former co-worker was in town today and stopped by our office. It is great to see old friends, but then it also made me sad all over again.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The holidays are OVER!

I took the rest of the Christmas decorations down last night. The house looks positively drab. The kids had to go back to school today and I have to work a full week this week. Yuck! Not that I don’t positively love my job, because I just do. Really! The snow is all gone and we are going to have record high temps today. Let’s just face it, it is over!

But……Only 5 weeks until Disney!!!!

Last night after dinner (Ree’s pot roast, mmmmmmmmmmmmm), Z said to me. “Mom, I’m a little bit nervous about going to school tomorrow.” We talked about how he was going to get to see C and the rest of his buddies, but that didn’t seem to help. He was tossing and turning and crying on and off until about 11:00pm. He finally got to sleep but was up a 5:00 am. He came in and gave me that sadder than sad look, “Mom, I am still a bit nervous about going to school tomorrow”. I said, “It is today, buddy. It is morning already. I pulled him into bed and then got up to go take a shower. His little face, just breaks my heart. Even though I know what a little turkey he can be. I hope he had a good day. Funny thing is, I was exactly like that as a kid, probably all the way through college.

Back to the food. I love food, all kinds of food. Last week while visiting the Pioneer Woman, she had posted about pot roast and pot roast just happened to be on sale. Bonus. So yesterday, I got out my new Rachel Ray cast iron enamel dutch oven and went to work. I love that pan, only I should have had EB get me the bigger one. I am not sure what piece made it so fabulous, but it was fabulous. I used wine. I have never really cooked with wine before, it definitely made the gravy, oh let me just say it one more time, fabulous. I polished off the rest of it for lunch. Mmmmmmm even better the second day.

Back to the old usuals. We had spaghetti for dinner. BLAH.....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Plant homicide

A couple of weekds before christmas my co-worker
brought us each in a beautiful poinsettias. After about a week,
A and E’s looked like this

And mine looked like this.

This isn’t the first time either. My grandmother had this huge philodendron on her coffee table for as long as I can remember, at least 20 years. When she passed away it was one of the things I got. I actually managed to keep it alive for about 9 years, looking a little worse each year. Finally this year I tossed it out. It was pathetic.

Then there is this plant. My mom has one of these plants, it is huge. This one is just pathetic.

OOPS ~ just turn your head sideways.

I have committed plant homicide more times than I care to admit.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Nothing satisfies like a diet coke!

I intended, all along today, to write about my love for diet coke, but then I started thinking about diet coke and how bad I wanted a diet coke and how it is 8:00 at night and I'd be up all night if I had a diet coke and besides that I am not supposed to have caffeine anyway.

I think I am salivating right now just thinking about it. I swear I get a buzz, just opening a can and pouring it over a nice big glass of ice. Diet coke in a bottle is great too, but it just doesn't have the same sensation as a can does. I am not supposed to have caffeine at all, so I am relegated to caffeine free, which again is good, but not the same.

I will admit I'll drink almost any diet pop, but the rest are just second best. When I am going out for lunch one of the first things I think about is whether they have coke or pepsi products. Given the choice of two places I'll take the one with the diet coke, free refills please.

I have to go do something else because I really need a diet coke.

Drink it up!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can polyester underwear shrink? Warning TMI

If you do not like to talk or think about other people’s underwear, go read the pioneer woman’s blog and come back tomorrow, where I will talk about diet coke.

This morning, I got out of the shower and put on my underwear, my big, pink, polyester, granny panties and they were not providing their usual coverage. (Okay they are nylon, but polyester sounds better and it is all fake fabric anyway)They must have shrunk in the dryer. There is no possible way that I gained enough weight over the holidays to fall out of my underwear. I mean there were cookies, pies, chips, dips, ham, candy and a little wine, but really not that much. For goodness sakes I ran 23 miles last week. Come to think of it my socks are to tight too.

Okay here is the too much information part. I have worn the same kind of underwear for the last 15 years. Big, polyester, Fruit of the Loom granny panties. I have tried other kinds and Lord knows that EB has bought me bunches of skimpy little panties that are collecting dust in my drawer. But I will stick to my granny panties, I have reasons. I was going to share but I think I will stop by right here.

Okay one more point and then I will just let it go. Once, my mother gave me some of her underwear that was too small for her. Can I just say EEEEEEWWWW, I know they were clean and I don’t care if she gave birth to me. I can not, will not wear my mother’s hand me down underwear. I just had a horrible thought. My boys wear each others underwear all the time. EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leftovers or how long is too long.

I am writing two posts today. This one just for fun, but the one below it is more serious and long. I hope you will read both.

How long is too long for leftovers? My friends and I seem to have varying views so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

My friend AM called me today and said that she was making turkey tetrazzini from the left over turkey from Christmas dinner and we started to laugh. AM and I apparently have cast iron stomachs. We are firm believers that a good heating kills all that darn bacteria. We laughed because we knew that our friend AC would have none of that. She has about a 1 day tolerance for left overs.

I decided I would look it up on the web. The answer to everything is on the web, isn't it. I found several articles on the subject of leftover food safety and AM, you and I are living very dangerously:) Don't you just love a challenge.

Most of the websites agreed that leftovers have a maximum life expectancy of 3 - 4 days. It says don't bother smelling it, just get rid of it.

Seriously who are these people. You have to smell it, that is half of the fun.

BTW ~ Did I mention I love the snow. It was so sparkly on the way home and the trees looked like giant pussy willows, I should have had my camera.

The end of an era!

Today was a day, much like any other, yet completely different. I went to work at the same place I have gone for the last 12.5 years, but yet not the same.

A year ago the company I worked for was sold. Something I definitely did not expect. When I first started working at my company, we were always for sale, but we knew about it and it was okay. As time went by, our parent company kept saying how important we were to their organization, and as time went by I put my heart and sould into my job and my coworkers. We were a family. I didn't worry about being sold, we were IMPORTANT, but in the end we made them $240 million dollars they could use to further their "mission".

The company that purchased us, retained many employees as leased employees from our parent company. They also hired many people and paid those of us who stayed on as leased a nice premium for doing so. I decided I would stay on as a leased employee, who couldn't use a bit of extra money and I didn't want to compete with my friends who were out looking for the same two jobs.

The first 6 months were terrible. They operated in a manner so unlike our company, none of us could understand how they got anything done. Our company had a philosphy of respect and forgiveness. They did not, at least that is what I felt at the time. Now I might say things a little differently. They didn't know me, how could they? Yes I know, people told them that we were all good employess, but in some cases trust needs to be earned, not just handed out. Right or wrong, that is the way it was. It is better now, but it is still not the same.

It really has been a year long process, but On January 1, 2008, the name of my company was officially gone. Almost like we never existed. We have been merged into the new company, all the signs are gone and there is a for rent sign on our second building. The whole thing makes my tummy and heart hurt. Starting over is so hard. My bank account is bigger this year, but that didn't really make it easier. I can't even figure out how to answer my phone. I have said the same thing for the past 12 years. Maybe no one will call me for the next 6 months.

One of the hardest things is not seeing my friends everyday and sharing the dish every morning before the craziness set in. I miss the spontaneous trips to Noodles and quick target runs at lunch. There are still a few of my coworkers around that I get to share with, but not my sisters!

So wish me luck on my next adventure or even just finding my next adventure.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Someone remind me that I am not a teenager

I love snow, really love snow! Last night we had friends over for dinner and a little Wii entertainment. I do believe, that pretty soon, we will have everyone of our friends convinced they need to have a Wii. Mind you, I really hate video games. I think they are brain robbers, but I love the Wii. I love it because we all play together and last night I worked up a sweat playing tennis with my 6 year old.

Anyway back to the snow. The weatherman kept saying that we were going to get 4-6 inches of snow, starting after 7:00 pm, but they are so frequently wrong I didn't want to get my hopes up. When our friends went home at 10:00, there was not even a flake of snow on the ground. My disappointment with the weatherman was mounting. I went up to bed at 10:30 and still nothing. I came down at 11:00 because I had forgotten to bring up a glass of water and low and behold it was coming down to beat the band. I was so excited, I went upstairs and told EB it was snowing, he was not nearly as excited as I was. We made a feeble attempt to stay up to watch the ball drop, but when I woke up it was 12:10. Boy that makes me mad. I looked out the window to check the snow status and it was still coming down. Hip Hip Horay! Hip Hip Horay! When I woke up at 3:00 due to the glass of water I had to have, I checked the window and it was still snowing. I think I kept waking up just to see if it was still snowing.

We got up about 8:30 ate some breakfast and headed out to play in the snow. Okay the first hour EB and I didn't get to play much but we did manage to get the sidewalks cleared and most of the driveway done. I think we got about 7 inches of snow. The kids finally came outside to joing us and we decided to head up to the school for a little sledding and snowboarding. The snow was pretty thick so it was hard to get down the hill at first. I did my best to pack it down, but it was not quite wet enough to pack. The boys practiced with their snowboards, but didn't quite make it down all the way. Mom thought she should have a try, so I did. I surprised myself by making it all the way down the hill, while standing, 3 or 4 times. I did take a couple of falls, and I can see how people break their legs, snowboarding. I decided I should stop before my luck ran out. I am running a half marathon in February and I don't want to blow it by breaking my leg snowboarding!! By the way it is snowing again right now. Did I mention I love the snow.

A friend of mine stopped by tonight and need to take some stuff to her daughter's house in the country. She has a buick. I took this opportunity to take a snowy night drive in 4WD Silverado. Her daughter only lives about 4 miles from our house, but it was a completely unplowed and very little traveled road. Yeehaw. Her driveway is pretty steep but no match for our beloved truck. It was so pretty with the pines trees all covered in snow and the reflection of the snow off our high beams.

Did I mention I love the snow! I took a bunch of pictures and if I can figure out how to get them linked up I will post them soon!