Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Someone remind me that I am not a teenager

I love snow, really love snow! Last night we had friends over for dinner and a little Wii entertainment. I do believe, that pretty soon, we will have everyone of our friends convinced they need to have a Wii. Mind you, I really hate video games. I think they are brain robbers, but I love the Wii. I love it because we all play together and last night I worked up a sweat playing tennis with my 6 year old.

Anyway back to the snow. The weatherman kept saying that we were going to get 4-6 inches of snow, starting after 7:00 pm, but they are so frequently wrong I didn't want to get my hopes up. When our friends went home at 10:00, there was not even a flake of snow on the ground. My disappointment with the weatherman was mounting. I went up to bed at 10:30 and still nothing. I came down at 11:00 because I had forgotten to bring up a glass of water and low and behold it was coming down to beat the band. I was so excited, I went upstairs and told EB it was snowing, he was not nearly as excited as I was. We made a feeble attempt to stay up to watch the ball drop, but when I woke up it was 12:10. Boy that makes me mad. I looked out the window to check the snow status and it was still coming down. Hip Hip Horay! Hip Hip Horay! When I woke up at 3:00 due to the glass of water I had to have, I checked the window and it was still snowing. I think I kept waking up just to see if it was still snowing.

We got up about 8:30 ate some breakfast and headed out to play in the snow. Okay the first hour EB and I didn't get to play much but we did manage to get the sidewalks cleared and most of the driveway done. I think we got about 7 inches of snow. The kids finally came outside to joing us and we decided to head up to the school for a little sledding and snowboarding. The snow was pretty thick so it was hard to get down the hill at first. I did my best to pack it down, but it was not quite wet enough to pack. The boys practiced with their snowboards, but didn't quite make it down all the way. Mom thought she should have a try, so I did. I surprised myself by making it all the way down the hill, while standing, 3 or 4 times. I did take a couple of falls, and I can see how people break their legs, snowboarding. I decided I should stop before my luck ran out. I am running a half marathon in February and I don't want to blow it by breaking my leg snowboarding!! By the way it is snowing again right now. Did I mention I love the snow.

A friend of mine stopped by tonight and need to take some stuff to her daughter's house in the country. She has a buick. I took this opportunity to take a snowy night drive in 4WD Silverado. Her daughter only lives about 4 miles from our house, but it was a completely unplowed and very little traveled road. Yeehaw. Her driveway is pretty steep but no match for our beloved truck. It was so pretty with the pines trees all covered in snow and the reflection of the snow off our high beams.

Did I mention I love the snow! I took a bunch of pictures and if I can figure out how to get them linked up I will post them soon!

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