Friday, January 18, 2008

The party was hoppin!

It was the annual Mid-winter dance at KES. The party was hoppin and those girls were shaking everything they had. The boys were running around like crazy animals..... until...... they played "Achey Breaky heart" Oh that Billy Ray. Or "Bobby Ray" as the Hannah Montanna set knows him. The little Z was so cute, with the gigantic hole in is smile, doing his little line dance.

The Dj was just a couple of years younger than I am and she played all that great 80's music, that is so fun to dance too. At least it was, back when things still moved. It is your typical kids dance. The parents all stand around the outside, singing the music they love, wanting to dance, but not really wanting to make a fool of themselves in front of the parents of their kids friends.

Thankfully, there are other mother's like me who've got no rhythm and don't really care.

The gym teacher was wearing a t-shirt, I think I must have. It said:

"What if the hokey pokey, is what it is all about"

I like that almost as much as the t-shirt I have that says.

"If it is not one thing, it's your mother"

BTW -the bed is coming between 3 and 6 tomorrow. I'd invite you all over to check it out, but that sounds kinda kinky!

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