Friday, April 29, 2011

Where oh where has our little girl gone oh, where oh

where could she be...........

Having her own little pity party once again.  I am done now, so I will come out and play again.  The last month has been a little stressful as the rotten, nasty, lying kind and generous people who had agreed to buy our house found a way out of the contract and bought another house.  Now they are just being nasty about what they need to do in the house, since they moved out.  I am 99.9% sure we will actually win this one, so I have decided to stop being nice and am just going for everything I can get.

I remind myself everyday that this is just about money and that God has provided for us in spite of what they have done.  He is an amazing God.

 I did finally talk to and see my friend who lost her son and she is really a special person.  Her faith is something I can only dream about.  She said that she is sad when she wakes up and he is not there, but she is okay with everything because she knows that he is going to have a secure and safe life in Heaven.  Her biggest fear is forgetting him, because she had him for such a short time.  

A couple of months ago my running friends and I put our names in the hat for the NYC Marathon.  No one got in except me.  Over 90,000 entries and I got picked.  I could defer and then if my friends get in next year I get an auto entry, but I have tell you I am seriously considering doing it this year.  Of course only if some of my friends will come cheer me on.  I don't think I have been this strong physically in a long time.  I am eating right, I have a trainer who said she would help me through, I have frequent flyer miles to get me there and I feel like it would be a good way to burn some of this stress I am having.

After I found out I got in I went and bought a couple of lottery tickets.  That didn't turn out quite the way the marathon did, but it was good for some entertaining conversation.  We stopped at the Kwik trip on our way home from AWANA and I got my tickets.   When I got in the car, G says, "If we win the lottery I am going to take a bath in money."  I thought I was going to die laughing.

Hard to believe it is going to be May 1 on Sunday and just yesterday it was snowing.  I really am done with winter.