Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leftovers or how long is too long.

I am writing two posts today. This one just for fun, but the one below it is more serious and long. I hope you will read both.

How long is too long for leftovers? My friends and I seem to have varying views so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

My friend AM called me today and said that she was making turkey tetrazzini from the left over turkey from Christmas dinner and we started to laugh. AM and I apparently have cast iron stomachs. We are firm believers that a good heating kills all that darn bacteria. We laughed because we knew that our friend AC would have none of that. She has about a 1 day tolerance for left overs.

I decided I would look it up on the web. The answer to everything is on the web, isn't it. I found several articles on the subject of leftover food safety and AM, you and I are living very dangerously:) Don't you just love a challenge.

Most of the websites agreed that leftovers have a maximum life expectancy of 3 - 4 days. It says don't bother smelling it, just get rid of it.

Seriously who are these people. You have to smell it, that is half of the fun.

BTW ~ Did I mention I love the snow. It was so sparkly on the way home and the trees looked like giant pussy willows, I should have had my camera.


Amy M said...

I just love living on the edge. However I would like to note if there is any question of doubt in my mind, I don't serve it to my kids. Darling husband, on the other hand is another story. In my defense, he and I have been on anitbiotics since the beginning of December, NOT related to anything we have eaten of course, so a little bacteria just builds character, right?
Oh I can just hear AC a few states over disagreeing with us!

alwayssomethin said...