Monday, March 31, 2008

4 People with the "Funk" and one bathroom!

We are in a whole heap of trouble.  

I think we may run out of TP.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Line spacing

BTW if anyone can tell me why this darn thing is double spacing my first paragraph, please let me know so that I can fix it.  It is driving me crazy.

Lets go back to when Sunday was a day of rest.

It has been another one of those weekends.  Gone before you thought it was here.  This is the first time I sat down all day (besides driving to the mega-mart) and I am pooped and mostly brain dead.  We didn't even make it to church today.  L & D came to get the puppies this morning and riled the kids up with presents, candy and money.    I tell them not to, but they don't listen.

The rest of the day was spent around food.  Buying food, cooking food, cleaning food and cleaning up from cooking the food.  

We did have a lovely dinner, shrimp scampi with linguine and strawberry crepes for desert.  Along with the lovely dinner, comes tons of dishes and a stove covered in stuff.  My kitchen looked like a Dawn dish soap commercial. 

I did get the kids veggies cut up and bagged for a least the 1st few days of the week. I do love getting as many things prepped for the week as I can.  Unfortunately veggies and fruit can get slimy if you get them bagged up to early.  I hate to waste anything.  I spent $30 on produce today that will probably only last a week.    That is another topic for another day. 

Has anyone tried any of those green bags that are supposed to make your produce last longer? I really want to try them, but hate to waste my money.  You know, because I have really been trying to save my money and haven't bought anything frivolous, today anyway. 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mid-life crisis!

I don't know if it is a mid-life crisis or an identity crisis, but today I picked up one of these.

Why, you ask?  

Because I am celebrating, not having to pay the tax man $6k big ones.  Actually, I have wanted to play the guitar since I was in college.  A friend from church said she would teach me, so why not.  Life is short you should do what you want to do.  There is justification for you! 

It came with a free instructional DVD and I found a great website that has lots of free lessons and free music. 

So far I can play 3 chords pretty well and one not so well at all.  My fingers are sore, but the DVD says I will develop calluses pretty quickly and that will make it easier to play.  Great, calluses on my hands and on my feet.  I will probably also have to cut off my last fingernail.  My beauty will be beyond compare.  

EB would like to know when I will have time to play the guitar.  That is a very good question.  I figure at the rate I am going on my job search I will have the whole summer.  Maybe I could start sleeping less or practice while I help B with his fractions. Maybe strum a few chords while I whip up a souffle'.  

The puppies have to go home tomorrow and there is going to be one very sad boy.  I am going to be just a bid sad myself.  

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh so happy to write the tax man a check for $1117.

I just filed our 2007 taxes and I am sitting here doing another little happy dance.  I had to pay $1117 and I am ecstatic. 

Way back in January I did a quick run through on our taxes.  I didn't have the official forms from everyone, but I knew all the numbers.  The little tax program said I owed $5898.  I have been fretting actually filing our taxes since about January 2, okay fretting my be a little understated.  I think I cried for 2 days.  

Today, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the piper.  I ran the update program, edited a couple of numbers and low and behold I only owed $1117.  OMG am I happy.  We can eat for a couple more months if I don't find a job:)  

Next I did our state taxes and we are getting back $691, so a net loss of $426.  I will take it. 
Hip Hip Hooray!

Now if it would only stop snowing.  


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The baby is home.

I called the vet this morning and he said Sam had done his business, was feeling much better and could come home today.  So after school the kids and I went to pick him up.  

The vet was so nice he asked me if I wanted to see what came out of the little dude.  Hmmm let's see, I can't clean up the kids vomit, so why would I want to see the dogs vomit and poo.  

I said, "Sure."  I mean, I didn't want to look like the wussy girl that I am.  

"Wow."  That was both disgusting and amazing at the same time.  I won't go into detail.  

Dr. Al said they had 4 dogs, in two days, that felt the need to eat carpet. Two of them had to have surgery.  We were very lucky.  We made out like bandits on the bill too, $94.  I thought it was going to be so much more than that. I would have paid it too, no matter what it was.  

The kids are ecstatic to have him home and I think he was pretty happy to see us too.  EB was kind enough to give the little stink pot a bath and now he is even more delightful.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The sweetest puppy ever.

Okay he is not a puppy any longer, he is 14 years old and he makes my heart just melt.  We are dog sitting for this little darling, who was once upon a time mine.  

Twelve years ago I picked him up at the HS, he just looked at me, jumped up and never let go.  I had to take him home.  Then 7 years and 3 children later, I had to give him up.  I let him go live with a friend of mine with no children who were/are petrified of animals.  In fact, Sam and Maverick(then) and Lucky (now) are her children.  They are probably treated far better than most the children of the world.  They are loved by two families and spoiled rotten.

Yesterday when I got home I found a mess in the basement.  Apparently one of the dogs chewed up some carpet and spit it back out because it wasn't very tasty.  I wasn't positive which dog did it, but thought they were probably fine, since they got rid of it.  Well at 12:30 last night Sam was not doing very well and I stayed up with him all night, rubbing his tummy and trying to make him feel better.  

This morning I took him to the vet.  They did x-rays and said they might have to do surgery to get rid of the carpet. I cried the whole way to work.   I go to work and waited for them to call.

Finally at 1:30 they called and said he was feeling a  bit better. He had gotten rid of more carpet and they were going to wait to see if he could get rid of the rest before they would decide to do surgery.  I would need to let him stay overnight and call in the morning to see how he was doing.  

So now I will worry all night long, hoping everything will be okay.  L & D are in Vietnam and won't be back until Sunday.  Hopefully he will be all recovered before I have to take him home. 

PS.  Z is so totally back on the I need a puppy kick.  He was crying all day Saturday, when G said we could not get a dog yet.  

Monday, March 24, 2008

How can it be Monday?

I was fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend, but where did it go.  Here's the low down and let me say it didn't start out well.  

Thursday after work, I picked up EB and we headed to the dealership because EB's engine light was on, left the truck and went home ate dinner at 7 (the kids usual bedtime) and then ended up going to bed soon after the kids.

Friday was even more exciting.  G had a doctors appointment in the morning, she still has fluid in her ear.  EB and Z had dentist appointments after lunch and then I was going to head off to Wally World to pick up my glasses.  Just about the time EB and Z get home from the dentist, the snow starts coming down, a lot.  I decided I didn't want to drive alone to WW so the whole family hopped in the van and headed out to pick up my glasses.  What should have been a 30 minute drive turned into an hour and we saw several accidents and an overturned car.  We should have stayed home, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to pick up my glasses until next weekend if we didn't go then.  Needless to say we didn't get home until 7 and had dinner that late again.  So totally against my dinner time rules.    

Also, somewhere in there the dealership called and said, hey the truck is done and it is $380. Yeah, how lucky can we be.

Saturday was just as crazy.  Ran in the morning, picked up the truck, ran to Kohls, came home prepped Big Mama's baked french toast and then washed and took apart all the grapes, dyed Easter eggs,  went to a couple of hockey games, got home at 10:30, put the kids to bed, ironed 2 shirts, 1 dress and 1 skirt.  Went to bed at 11:30.

Sunday got up, put the french toast in the oven, showered got everyone ready for brunch at church.  Went to brunch and church, came home and we all changed into our pjs, ate lunch, took a nap, watched the Bee Movie, ate dinner and went to bed.  Easter was a lovely day!  We are so lucky to be able to celebrate this miracle. 

I guess that is how it became Monday.

Out of the mouth of my G.

We were talking about something at dinner (I have no idea what), but she pops up and says, "Oh I wrote about that on my blog."    OMG!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The tooth fairy is going to be sad tonight.

Z finally let EB pull out his tooth, but then he lost it.  
Guess the tooth fairy gets an extra night to come up with the dollar.  I just love that toothless grin.  It just makes me smile.

What's your mood?

B picked up this fabulous mood ring at the AWANA store Wednesday night.  I don't have the heart to tell him that it is awful girly.

We have been to this website quite a few times, to see what kind of mood he is in. You could also purchase some fabulous mood jewelry for yourself.  

Just a little whining.
I know I love snow, but it is March and I am not appreciating the 6+ inches of snow we got today.  The kids are going to have a heck of a time trying to find the eggs tomorrow.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am sitting here in my chair doing my little happy dance. Why, you ask?  

This is my 70th post

It is a 3 day weekend

And most importantly.

I got a comment, I got a comment. Two even.  That make a total of 4 in my bloggy life.  Just because they were from my sister and my friends, what does that matter.  I got a comment.

If you are reading this and wanted to leave a comment, I would so flattered.  In fact if I ever get two comments in one day I would take a video of myself doing my little happy dance and post it for all to see.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Complete Rut

I have run out of things to cook.  I am in a complete rut.  We eat the same things week after week, with an occasional something spectacular (HA), thrown in to shake things up a bit.

Tonight the kids had frozen Schwan's pizza.  I was going to make some freezer burned pork chops for EB and I, but  when I opened the package they really stunk.  The strangest thing was, there were 3 pork chops in the package and 2 were freezer burned and turned brown when they were thawed out.  The other one was bright pink and didn't actually smell bad, but since the other two smelled bad, I wasn't about to eat that one.  

Here is my repertoire:

Tacos (ground beef)
Meatloaf (kid favorite)
Pork tenderloin
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken burritos (kid favorite)
Scrambled eggs

I think we are all tired of all of these things.  Any new, quick and kid friendly meal suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

I should say, I really can cook, but time is an issue.  Yes, I watch Rachel Ray and I see all of her fun 30 minute meals, but lets face it they are mostly fattening and I don't think I could really make anything she makes in 30 minutes.  

Okay planning is probably an issue too!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can you say Ewwwww!

Last night, apparently no one wanted to go to bed.  There were several trips down stairs for drinks, trips to the bathroom, and apparently some nail grooming.

So B and Z are in the one and only bathroom, you know, doing what boys do.  

When I hear, what sounds like, metal hitting porcelain and most certainly water splashing.  

Me, "B, what did you do?" only it was more like "B, WHAT DID YOU DO?" I did feel bad about that and apologized.

Then there were lot of tears.

I walked in the bathroom and looked in the toilet.  They had already done it, and in the bottom of it was all of our nail grooming tools.  


Apparently the need to clip our toenail was so urgent we must get the clippers out while we are urinating.

Thankfully, EB has an iron stomach and takes care of all disgusting things like that.  So he fished it out and threw it in a bucket of bleach.  

Still contemplating on whether I need to buy new tools or not.  

Always something!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doorknob and a string anyone?

It needs to come out, but he won't let anyone do it. 

Not that I would do it.  That would just gross me out.

If a picture is worth a thousand words

How many words must I use when organizing my 2500 photos? 

I have 2500+ photos to organize and the task is a little overwhelming. The fact that I only have 2500 photos to organize is quite an improvement from the 3200+ I started with. 

I have said many times that I was going to go through and get all my pictures organized.  When I say "all" what I really mean is all the pictures I have on my current computer.  That doesn't include the very large box I have upstairs, the rather large pile of developed photos(still in their envelopes) down stairs and the 4 CDs of pictures in our fire box.  I will say some of the pictures on the CDs are probably developed, but I am not entirely positive about that.

I also have 3 completed scrapbooks, you know that fancy ones with all the pretty paper and 3 photo albums, you know the boring ones with just pictures.

I really don't know entirely what my goal is, but some sort of order is necessary.

One of the reasons I bought my new mac, was that is supposed to be great for both organizing and editing photos.  I am less than thrilled with editing abilities of iPhoto, but the organizing part is great.  I will end up purchasing photoshop again for the mac.  

When we bought this new computer I painstakingly copied all of my photos from my pc to the mac. I also uploaded about 300 pictures to Shutterfly.  

Today I started tagging all the photos and assigning them a rating.  The pictures on my computer are from Dec 2005 - current. I am done through August of 2006.  Once I am done tagging them all I am going to make DVDs.  One of each of the kids, one of vacations etc..  I really feel like I have accomplished something.

I am also getting a reduced amount of those pictures developed. I have grand delusions that I will put them in scrapbooks or at least photo albums.  

They are grand delusions!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A million toys.......

to play with and we prefer to play with boxes and tape. Lots and lots and lots of tape.

We have legos, lincoln logs and magnetix, but he prefers boxes and tape.  Staples and paper are also widely used.   

What they are, I have no idea.  I only hope this child grows up to be an engineer or an architect or a crazy inventor.  

He is always making these new creations.  It makes me laugh and drives me crazy all at the same time.  

He is getting duct tape and masking tape for his birthday.  I know I have said it before, but I am serious.  

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Job search

As you all know, I am looking for a job.  I am not finding a job, but I am looking. 

I went through re-employment training last week and found it somewhat helpful.  I have been at the same company for almost 13 years, so I haven't really looked for a job in some time.

Jobs are scarce where we are. 

So EB thinks we should MAYBE relocate.  

HELLO, last year I had two job offers out of state and he didn't want to go, now he wants to go. I am expanding my job search.  Even though I have no idea how to look for a job out of state.  I know there is etc, but our re-employment trainer said, "be really careful with websites like monster.  You end up getting a lot of garbage."

We still have the same problem we have had for been talking about for the last few years.  We would need to sell our house.  Our crappy old, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Growing up (long story)

B is growing up and today we had major trauma.  He is just like his momma.  He is a worrier.

Today was pj/furry friend day at school.  B is just on the cusp (3rd grade) of being to old to participate in things like PJ day.  Is it cool, is it not cool? 

Earlier last week they had sent a note home from school saying pj was changed from the 19th to the 12th.   

So last night (when I wasn't home) they were all talking about pj day and what pjs they were wearing to school.  B says to EB that he is not sure he is going to wear his pjs to school, because other kids might not be wearing their pjs and he doesn't want to be the only one. 

EB says, "B, they all got the same note. They know that tomorrow is pj day."  He so didn't get it. Finally he convinces B to wear his pjs to school and then proceeds to tell him he has to wear his matching pjs not his sleep pants and a t-shirt.  How un-cool is that.  

When I got home, EB and I were talking and he gave me the whole story.  I said, "You are missing the point.  He thinks that he is to old for PJ day and the other 3rd graders might not be wearing pjs.  He doesn't want to be un-cool."  

EB says, "oooohhhh."  Light goes on.

More later .... we have to leave for Awana.

We're back.

This morning I left for work at 6:10, EB had just gotten up and B was still in bed.  At 7, I get a phone call.  

EB says, "ask your son what he did this morning."  

B gets on the phone and says, "I don't know."

I say, "let me talk to your dad."

EB says, "He called the Ts at 6:30 am while I was in the shower. He asked him if NT was wearing his pajamas to school." Mr. T is a fourth grade teacher and his son is B's BFF I am told.

I am dying of embarrassment.   

So B is wearing his pajamas and going to school.

5 minutes later, phone rings.

Its EB he says.  "B thinks that maybe Mr. T meant NT was wearing his pajamas because he was still in bed and not going to wear them to school. He is crying and all upset."

He tries to convince B that NT is wearing his pjs to school, that is what Mr. T meant.  EB even tells him that he can take jeans and a shirt in his back pack and change if no one else is wearing their pjs.

5 minutes later, phone rings.

Guess who.

EB says that B is going to wear his pajamas and that he is really upset about the jump rope for heart money.  That is a story for another day.

So everyone leaves and the phone doesn't ring again.

I email Mrs T to apologize for the early morning phone call.  

She emails back.  "No worry, it was so cute. BTW hope B is not too upset, NT decided not to wear his pjs to school after all."

My heart broke, right there.  My poor boy.

When I picked them up for school, pj day apparently wasn't an issue at all.

This child is me through and through and I am very worried for him.  Imagine that, me worrying.

To my sister, if you are reading this stop laughing.  

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cookie dilemma

Is it better to eat all the cookies now and be done with them, or put them in the freezer and eat them over the next year? (Like that could really happen.)

I know what the answer should be, but I am going with the, eat them and be done with it route.  

If I know they are there, I will just eat something else to distract me from the cookies.  Then later I will still eat the cookies. 

I have no will power.  

BTW 3 boxes of cookies down and 2 opened.  It really is pathetic.  I did run 4 miles today, but I don't think that worked off the two cookies and bunch of whoppers I ate before 8:00 am. Maybe I should go to work later.   

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Did you forget something?

I woke up at about 6:45 this morning and was very excited. I had plenty of time to start a load of laundry and make my frittata before church.  That was until I was putting the laundry in and an it hit me.  I was supposed to set my clock ahead last night.  I have an excuse, I don't know what it is, but I have one.  

Anyway, I went upstairs to get EB up and have him get in the shower while I whipped up breakfast.  He is laying in bed awake and I see his clock says 8:05, not 7:05 like mine.  

I said, "You didn't think to change any other clocks in this house or remind me to change my clock?"  

He said, " I just changed it."

I said, "And... you couldn't come tell me that it was 8:05 not 7:05?"

He said, "It is not a big deal."

I said, "It is.........."

He says, " It's not......."

and on and on. You know you've been there before.

Back to the frittata.  It was delicious.  I was watching Tyler' Ultimate while I was running yesterday morning and he was making breakfast stuff.  This frittata had potatoes, onions, ham, cheese and some herbs.  A bonus, the kids only picked a few things out.  Unfortunately we had to eat quickly since I was so late in getting up.  

BTW, did anyone else notice that Applebees took Tyler off of their menu and they are not talking about him in the ads.  Just something I noticed.  I love Tyler. 

Saturday, March 8, 2008

$475 at Wal-Mart. Holy Cow

I am never going to be able to afford to be unemployed. I am a bit concerned about my impending unemployment.  I don't think $300 is going to cover my trips to big box stores of this world.  

We took a little trip to Wally world today.  I haven't used up my FSA money from last year and I only have one more week to use it or lose it and I have $174 left. I decided I should get new glasses, maybe even a funky pair.  

So off we went to Wal-Mart.

My fashion stylists and I tried on thousands of pairs of glasses.  Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration.  Z was very upset that he couldn't get glasses.  His best buddy, C, has glasses and he really, really wants them.  I tried to tell him that it is not fun to have to wear glasses, but he was not deterred.  EB then says, "Let's go to the toy department."   I wanted to strangle the man right then and there and I might have had there not been lots of witnesses.  I mean seriously, he is whining and to get him to be quiet, you let him pick out a toy.   Their logic is spectacular.  

So I finally picked out my new sort of funky glasses and paid for them.  $238, that is more than I have ever paid for glasses, but I decided to get the transition lenses again.  I have had them before and really liked them, but found that after about a year, they didn't get completely clear. She said these were the new and improved transition lenses and they change much faster than before.  

Then she asked me if I was interested in contacts and I said, "No, I can't really wear contacts.  I have dry eyes and astigmatism."

She said, "You have to try the new Advanced Hydra Clear ones.  They work for almost everyone." 

Great just what I need, another purchasing opportunity.  I mean, I have really accepted the fact that I can't wear contacts anymore, but I would really love to wear contacts.  But that would require another eye exam and lots more money.  UGH UGH!!!!!

The other $240 was spent on groceries, laundry detergent and toys.  Insert angry face here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I love this man


On Tuesday morning, my life changed.  My friend AM called and said, "I just saw on-line that Brett just retired".  This man I have watched so passionately, for 17 years, decided to retire.  I know, I have gone on before about my love for Brett, but really, I must again.

I have cheered, cried, sworn, stomped and thrown things at the TV, but it is over.  

I know I will still cheer for Green Bay, as G pointed out. "Mom we can still cheer for Green Bay." 

"Yes sweetheart we can, but it won't be the same." 

I cheered for the Packers long before Brett came around, but he has been at the heart of my football passion. 

I know, I know, Peyton Manning is a better technical quarterback, but he doesn't play with the passion Brett does.  He doesn't make your heart soar and then crush it in an instant, and then you still want to hug him and make him feel better.  No one does it like Brett does   He is not nearly as cute either.  I don't like facial hair, but I love his.

I am just sad, sad, sad!

I promise this is my last Brett post. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do I owe the neighbor money?

This afternoon I was out shoveling the sidewalk and our neighbor was plowing his driveway with his four wheeler.  He comes over and says, "want me to plow through?"  I said, "I am not going to  argue with that.  It is nice out, but this snow is really heavy. "  So he plowed through and I went and played in the snow with the kids.  

When I came inside I decided I should do something nice in return, so I sent B over to their house with a box of girl scout cookies.  "Thanks A Lot" cookies as a matter of fact.  Then I began to analyze my decision.

Should I have offered him some cash?

With our old neighbors I wouldn't have even worried about it.  We shoveled their sidewalk, they shoveled ours.  We were just neighborly that way. 

But these are the NEW neighbors and I am really not particularly fond of them.  They are not friendly and they tear up my yard with the lawn tractor.  

Oh well I am just going to not worry about it.  At least not for another 15 minutes.

BTW ~ Two days in a row, both EB and I went to work for a full day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vroom vroom vroom

No I didn't get a new hot rod.  It is Pinewood derby time at Awana.  And by time, I mean it is tomorrow.  Not sure we are going to make it.  

This year Brendan wanted to make his car like a skateboard, we were going for creativity since one of the parents is in automotive engineer and they win every year.  Well we started off on the wrong foot, by me not getting the car before we went on vacation, but I have a perfectly good excuse.  One night I couldn't find the lady selling the cars before we left and I thought oh I have a couple of more weeks, then B had pneumonia and we didn't go to Awana and then we were on vacation and then EB finally picked it up the week I had had the flu. 

So of course EB and B didn't start working on it until Sunday, and by EB and B, I really mean EB.  

So it is Tuesday and tomorrow is the derby and I think EB is going to be up all night working on the car.  He got so frustrated he needed to go for a drive.  I on the other hand am going to take a quick shower so I can be in bed before he gets home.  

BTW ~ everyone went to school and stayed in school the whole day.  Although I was informed by Z and G that the office lady from school told them to tell me that they were still sick.  

Sorry no fever  ......  your not staying home.    
That is from the world's meanest mom, who is just trying to keep her job for the next 73 days.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a whole bunch of nothing

All the kids went to school today, but of course they didn't all stay there.  School called an the lovely EB had to go and pick up G.  He knew it was coming, as she said her ears hurt before she even went to school.  He called and made an appointment right away.  She had a double ear infection.  He got her some drugs and then took her back to school.  That's my man.  

Today was my first day of re-employment training.  We started working on our resumes and then took a little personality test.  Myers ~ Briggs.  I have taken a couple of MBs tests before as well as the DISC model and others.  I hate these things. I find that I analyze them way to much and I am unable to just sit down and answer the darn questions.  I think about what might be the best personality traits for the jobs I want. 

Then truly I think it is situational.  I am one way at home and then another way at work, or am I the same at home and work, oh what is the right answer.  

Do I like order or am I okay with chaos. I think I love going with the flow, but do a I really?  I can't go to bed if there are dishes left on my counter. Does it depend on whether I have had enough caffeine that day.   I really think I want to consider myself easy going, but does that really work for the type of job of want.  A job where organization is the key.  I think I am organized, but what about the fact that there is stuff all over my desk.  

Am I really an ENFJ? I want to be an ISTJ, but I know I will never be.  That would require me to be quiet and you all know that can't happen.  EB says I can carry on a conversation with a brick wall.

BTW ~ I am feeling much better and promise to post more than one day a week.