Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fundraising Heaven :P

Last year it was the flying duck, have to have the flying duck. You remember the one the was broken right after we came home.  

Well this year it was the fabulous light up cup.  This cup lights up when filled with liquid and then shuts off when the liquid is poured out. 

Unless this is a fabulous fundraiser cup, with 10 hours of continuous battery life, which you used for dinner and your mother washed by hand and completely dried and it still won't shut off. So one little six year old is going to be completely broken hearted when he gets up to have a glass of water and his 10 hours of continuous battery life are over.

There was intense pressure last night to come up with 21 names to send those lovely magazine order forms too.  Oh you know, if you were on my Christmas card list, you are getting one.  And if you are on my Christmas card list and a member of our family, you are probably getting two.  

I love fundraisers.  I am just disappointed that we don't have more.  I mean right now I have 5 jars of, what I am afraid is probably un-edible, junk in my pantry from the fall fundraiser.  Now I must say that I told EB not to buy all that junk, just send in some money to the PTO, but no, he thought he should buy a bunch of stuff I am afraid to open.  

I am so tired of the way they get the kids all pumped up about the C-R-A-P the kids will get if they just fill out 7 of these forms and return them the next day.  They also got this fabulous teddy bear clip on, I believe cell phone holder or maybe it is an ipod holder.  Lucky G, also had a dollar in hers.  I mean no wonder she didn't stop pestering me for three hours after school to fill out her forms. 

I actually pushed it all off on EB.  I am nice that way.


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