Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday B ~ I love you!

Today is B's 9th birthday and last night he had 4 friends sleep over. I did not know that 6 boys and 1 girl could make so much noise. One of the dad's (P) came in to chat and needed liquid refreshment to aid in the effort of noise toleration. I refrained. They played Wii, ate cake, watched Night at the museum and then capped off the night by watching the patriots/giants game. EB stayed up with the boys, while G and I watched High school musical for the 15th time. G and I were asleep by 9:30. Then at 12:42 I was awakedned by noisy boys. I was not pleased. I know it is a sleep over, but I still think there should be a reasonable bed time and that was 11:30.

Anyway I went down stairs and laid down the law, separated the commotion makers and threatened to call their dads and have them taken home. I hate being awakened when I am sound asleep.

Today has been rather uneventful. We watched football. My team won, big. Now we are going to have that fabulous dinner of sloppy joes and french fries.


My bowl runneth over

And I don't mean my cereal bowl. Let's just pretend this is Friday and I am just walking in the door. I say hello to R (babysitter whose identity I must hide due the following events) and I hear Z crying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, the water is coming out of the back all over the floor". I realize he is in the bathroom, and I go to investigate, pretty sure of what I will find. Yep, just as I suspected, a fabulous shade of brown water filling the toilet and flowing out on to the floor. There sits the plunger so I grab on and start plunging. No luck. Then I think to myself, why was the plunger in the bathroom, I keep it under the sink. Then I think back to a day this past summer when R watched the kids and I came home and the plunger was in the bathroom, like I said I keep it under the kitchen sink. I see a pattern here.

R says, "you need a new plunger, that one doesn't work". I said, "In the 12 years we have lived in this house the toilet has only flooded 3 times" and she says, "Yes and two of those were while I was here." At least she can laugh at that fact. By the way the other time was when B stuck one of my gigantic claw clips, for my hair, in the toilet and then later used it.

Needless to say I tried plunging it again with no luck. The plunger couldn't perform its job duties so it has been canned. I called EB and said we are having a plumbing emergency and could he pick up a plunger on his way home. I said don't dawdle 3 out of the 4 of use home need to use the potty. See the problem is, we are a family of five with one potty.

Da da da da da da da, time is passing, EB finally arrives home without a plunger. I said "where is the plunger". He said, "we have one". I said, "good luck with that". Two minutes later he comes back out and stomps out the door. Guess where he went........

R can come back and watch the kids again, we have a brand new plunger. Which is sitting on the steps to our basement. "Why?", you ask. "Don't go there."

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I am in the basement running on the treadmill, desperately trying to get my 4 miles in and I hear Mooooooooooooom! That is the sound we all love to hear, isn’t it. It only means that something you really don’t want to know about has happened. So I put the treadmill on pause (I’ll use almost any excuse to do this) and headed upstairs and find out what trauma has occurred and this is what I see. (photo below)

B says that “G or Z broke the tv table”. I know that it is Z because he is sobbing intensely and wailing about how he is going to be grounded for two weeks (not true) and he is going to have to buy a new tv tray (true). He then wails about how it is going to cost $40 and he only has three dollars from the tooth fairy.

I am very proud of myself, I did not yell, I just asked him how that happened and then went back downstairs to finish my run. Maybe burn off a little steam while I am at it. When I came back upstairs, he came into the kitchen and gave me two one dollar bills and a Sacagawea coin. I did feel a little bad for the poor kid, but taking responsibility for your actions is very important to me.

This is why it is "always something".

I did it. I can't believe I did it.

Now I will just have to see if I can find it again and do this more than once.