Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it spring yet.

I just spent a week in Hilton Head and to come back to this weather has been more than a little depressing. I really thought we would be having weather in the 70s, at least.  Tomorrow, G & Z have track and field and I am afraid they are going to have to wear their long underwear under the shorts.

I have been trying to get some work done outside, in between the training, baseball, swimming lessons, work and cleaning the inside of the house, but it is not going all that quickly.  Looks like most of my perennials came back, with the exception of the columbine.  It seemed like it was coming back, but we must have had a couple of cold days last week and now it is deceased.  Oh well, I bought a couple of new ones to stick in there.  I really need to be a little more thoughtful about what I buy, but I have a tendency to just try to get it done.   Now that I look at it, it needs more color.  Anybody have any suggestions for colorful perennials.  I have lot of different textures and even lots of shares of green, but not much color.

I do have a bunch of pots on my porch that I will finish filling with annuals, for color, but even those seem to be primarily green.

While I was in Hilton Head on my workation, my wonderful daddy weeded my 10 x 10 vegetable garden and it was in sad shape.  The weeds were thick and 3 feet tall.  It was beautiful.  The children helped, but you know how that goes.  Sunday night I rand to Mainerds at 7, during the only hour of sunshine, so I could get some tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.  I got them planted and weed block down by 9:00.  We will have cucumbers again.  YEAH.  My co-workers will be happy.

Enough of the garden growing, how about those children growing.  G & Z turned 10 on Saturday.  10 how does that happen.  We are lame parents and did not have a party or anything. We did take them shopping and out to lunch, what more do they need.

My mom got G the American Girl book "The Care and Keeping of You".  It has made for many interesting conversations over the last couple of days.  The book is great and very thorough!  I had already had a chat with her about the some of the stuff they cover in the book, but maybe not in enough detail.  She said, to those sitting at the dining room table, including her grandfather, "This book is full of the "V" word and the "B" word.  Some of this stuff is just disgusting".  I thought I was going to spit out my drink.  Later on we had a lovely talk, on our walk, about tampons.  So if you have a girl and are not comfortable starting those conversations the book should take care of starting them for you.  Very accurate illustrations too.

Lucky you who only have boys!  Your conversations are much simpler, body hair and morning penis.   Okay I guess that is a good closer.

Happy Wednesday!  At least I think it is Wednesday.