Monday, January 28, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

Today I went to Best Buy to return the computer thingy (very technical term) that didn't work.  As I pulled into the parking lot a man, a woman and a child were standing and looking at the front grill of a car, that was sitting in a snow bank. 

It was so very strange the way the grill was sitting there.  Like someone had pulled into the parking spot and then when they backed out the grill was still there. At least most of it, one small corner was missing.  Why would you leave a grill that fell off of your car in a parking lot?

Then again,  why were these people looking at it.  Were they going to take it home, put it on their car, use it a lawn ornament. I saw them get into another car and it didn't belong to that car.  

It is like when you see a stray shoe on the interstate. How did one lone shoe get there.  They are every where.  Do people lose their shoes when they are hanging their feet out the window.  If I lost a shoe, I would surely be going back to get it.  First it is littering and second, shoes cost money, that would be like "throwing money out the window".  Oh I did not just say that.  Sorry. 

Then there was grandma.  Now this didn't make me go hmmm, but it sure made me smile.   As I was standing at the counter at best buy. A sales person came up to the exchange desk with an elderly woman (probably in her mid to late 70s). It seems her son had gotten her an ipod nano for Christmas, but she decided she needed a bigger one, so she was exchanging it for an ipod classic.  She was also picking up a couple of itunes cards so she could load up on music.  

First off, I am on my 3rd mp3 type player and have yet to download one song from the internet.  I have only put music on it that already owned.  

I so want to be a hip granny.  Okay wait my I should say that I hope when I am a grandma in like 25 years that I will be a hip granny

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