Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a whole bunch of nothing

All the kids went to school today, but of course they didn't all stay there.  School called an the lovely EB had to go and pick up G.  He knew it was coming, as she said her ears hurt before she even went to school.  He called and made an appointment right away.  She had a double ear infection.  He got her some drugs and then took her back to school.  That's my man.  

Today was my first day of re-employment training.  We started working on our resumes and then took a little personality test.  Myers ~ Briggs.  I have taken a couple of MBs tests before as well as the DISC model and others.  I hate these things. I find that I analyze them way to much and I am unable to just sit down and answer the darn questions.  I think about what might be the best personality traits for the jobs I want. 

Then truly I think it is situational.  I am one way at home and then another way at work, or am I the same at home and work, oh what is the right answer.  

Do I like order or am I okay with chaos. I think I love going with the flow, but do a I really?  I can't go to bed if there are dishes left on my counter. Does it depend on whether I have had enough caffeine that day.   I really think I want to consider myself easy going, but does that really work for the type of job of want.  A job where organization is the key.  I think I am organized, but what about the fact that there is stuff all over my desk.  

Am I really an ENFJ? I want to be an ISTJ, but I know I will never be.  That would require me to be quiet and you all know that can't happen.  EB says I can carry on a conversation with a brick wall.

BTW ~ I am feeling much better and promise to post more than one day a week.  

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