Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do I owe the neighbor money?

This afternoon I was out shoveling the sidewalk and our neighbor was plowing his driveway with his four wheeler.  He comes over and says, "want me to plow through?"  I said, "I am not going to  argue with that.  It is nice out, but this snow is really heavy. "  So he plowed through and I went and played in the snow with the kids.  

When I came inside I decided I should do something nice in return, so I sent B over to their house with a box of girl scout cookies.  "Thanks A Lot" cookies as a matter of fact.  Then I began to analyze my decision.

Should I have offered him some cash?

With our old neighbors I wouldn't have even worried about it.  We shoveled their sidewalk, they shoveled ours.  We were just neighborly that way. 

But these are the NEW neighbors and I am really not particularly fond of them.  They are not friendly and they tear up my yard with the lawn tractor.  

Oh well I am just going to not worry about it.  At least not for another 15 minutes.

BTW ~ Two days in a row, both EB and I went to work for a full day.

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