Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thinnnn Minnnnnnnts

MMMMM.  They are here.  EB kindly picked them up after he took Z. to the doctor today.  When I got home, there was already a sleeve gone. I mean gone.  He tried to blame it on the kids, but let's face we know who ate those cookies.  
Can I just confess that I bought 15 boxes of girl scout cookies.  I know, that is just wrong.  I just really like to support the girls scouts.  Yeah, that's it, I just really like to support the girl scouts.  I'd like to say that I am going to put them in the freezer and I will still be eating them in a few months, but we all know that is a lie.  A big fat lie.  Even in my sinus infected state, I can still enjoy a thin mint. I bought a few Thanks a Lots as well.  So much for all the sickness weight I lost.  I shall recover that quickly.  Like starting in about 5 minutes.
Illness update
So my lovely friend HB stayed home with Z yesterday and then around 11:00 school called and said that G was also not feeling well and could she come and get her.  So H went and picked up her and they all had a lovely day.  I think G was just jealous of Z getting to stay home with H, and that mysterious stomach problem showed up and she got to go home.  So they both were fine, but Z keeps running a fever, but I said that is it they were both going to school today, but as you can see from the post above Z did not go to school.  But they are both really going to school tomorrow.  Absolutely, no matter what, with a big dose of motrin.  The pediatrician actually did say he was fine to go to school, even if he had a fever today.  
I am feeling better too. Now I just have a sinus infection, which stinks but I can deal with it.  I bought some extra soft tissues and used almost the entire box.  I also bought some blistex, I thought I would try it on my nose. "I know it is medicated."  Well I thought I would try it anyway as it hurts so bad.  After the blistex it hurt sooooooooo bad, that my eyes would not stop watering.  I wiped it off but that didn't seem to help.  Back to the vaseline.  

Yesterday I did manage to work a whole day of work yesterday, but fell asleep on the couch at 5.  I did manage to make the kids a frozen pizza and then fell back asleep.  I am ready to go to bed now, but I am desperately trying to fix our other computer and the recovery disk is still running.  

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