Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The sweetest puppy ever.

Okay he is not a puppy any longer, he is 14 years old and he makes my heart just melt.  We are dog sitting for this little darling, who was once upon a time mine.  

Twelve years ago I picked him up at the HS, he just looked at me, jumped up and never let go.  I had to take him home.  Then 7 years and 3 children later, I had to give him up.  I let him go live with a friend of mine with no children who were/are petrified of animals.  In fact, Sam and Maverick(then) and Lucky (now) are her children.  They are probably treated far better than most the children of the world.  They are loved by two families and spoiled rotten.

Yesterday when I got home I found a mess in the basement.  Apparently one of the dogs chewed up some carpet and spit it back out because it wasn't very tasty.  I wasn't positive which dog did it, but thought they were probably fine, since they got rid of it.  Well at 12:30 last night Sam was not doing very well and I stayed up with him all night, rubbing his tummy and trying to make him feel better.  

This morning I took him to the vet.  They did x-rays and said they might have to do surgery to get rid of the carpet. I cried the whole way to work.   I go to work and waited for them to call.

Finally at 1:30 they called and said he was feeling a  bit better. He had gotten rid of more carpet and they were going to wait to see if he could get rid of the rest before they would decide to do surgery.  I would need to let him stay overnight and call in the morning to see how he was doing.  

So now I will worry all night long, hoping everything will be okay.  L & D are in Vietnam and won't be back until Sunday.  Hopefully he will be all recovered before I have to take him home. 

PS.  Z is so totally back on the I need a puppy kick.  He was crying all day Saturday, when G said we could not get a dog yet.  

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