Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lets go back to when Sunday was a day of rest.

It has been another one of those weekends.  Gone before you thought it was here.  This is the first time I sat down all day (besides driving to the mega-mart) and I am pooped and mostly brain dead.  We didn't even make it to church today.  L & D came to get the puppies this morning and riled the kids up with presents, candy and money.    I tell them not to, but they don't listen.

The rest of the day was spent around food.  Buying food, cooking food, cleaning food and cleaning up from cooking the food.  

We did have a lovely dinner, shrimp scampi with linguine and strawberry crepes for desert.  Along with the lovely dinner, comes tons of dishes and a stove covered in stuff.  My kitchen looked like a Dawn dish soap commercial. 

I did get the kids veggies cut up and bagged for a least the 1st few days of the week. I do love getting as many things prepped for the week as I can.  Unfortunately veggies and fruit can get slimy if you get them bagged up to early.  I hate to waste anything.  I spent $30 on produce today that will probably only last a week.    That is another topic for another day. 

Has anyone tried any of those green bags that are supposed to make your produce last longer? I really want to try them, but hate to waste my money.  You know, because I have really been trying to save my money and haven't bought anything frivolous, today anyway. 

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