Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vroom vroom vroom

No I didn't get a new hot rod.  It is Pinewood derby time at Awana.  And by time, I mean it is tomorrow.  Not sure we are going to make it.  

This year Brendan wanted to make his car like a skateboard, we were going for creativity since one of the parents is in automotive engineer and they win every year.  Well we started off on the wrong foot, by me not getting the car before we went on vacation, but I have a perfectly good excuse.  One night I couldn't find the lady selling the cars before we left and I thought oh I have a couple of more weeks, then B had pneumonia and we didn't go to Awana and then we were on vacation and then EB finally picked it up the week I had had the flu. 

So of course EB and B didn't start working on it until Sunday, and by EB and B, I really mean EB.  

So it is Tuesday and tomorrow is the derby and I think EB is going to be up all night working on the car.  He got so frustrated he needed to go for a drive.  I on the other hand am going to take a quick shower so I can be in bed before he gets home.  

BTW ~ everyone went to school and stayed in school the whole day.  Although I was informed by Z and G that the office lady from school told them to tell me that they were still sick.  

Sorry no fever  ......  your not staying home.    
That is from the world's meanest mom, who is just trying to keep her job for the next 73 days.

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