Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Growing up (long story)

B is growing up and today we had major trauma.  He is just like his momma.  He is a worrier.

Today was pj/furry friend day at school.  B is just on the cusp (3rd grade) of being to old to participate in things like PJ day.  Is it cool, is it not cool? 

Earlier last week they had sent a note home from school saying pj was changed from the 19th to the 12th.   

So last night (when I wasn't home) they were all talking about pj day and what pjs they were wearing to school.  B says to EB that he is not sure he is going to wear his pjs to school, because other kids might not be wearing their pjs and he doesn't want to be the only one. 

EB says, "B, they all got the same note. They know that tomorrow is pj day."  He so didn't get it. Finally he convinces B to wear his pjs to school and then proceeds to tell him he has to wear his matching pjs not his sleep pants and a t-shirt.  How un-cool is that.  

When I got home, EB and I were talking and he gave me the whole story.  I said, "You are missing the point.  He thinks that he is to old for PJ day and the other 3rd graders might not be wearing pjs.  He doesn't want to be un-cool."  

EB says, "oooohhhh."  Light goes on.

More later .... we have to leave for Awana.

We're back.

This morning I left for work at 6:10, EB had just gotten up and B was still in bed.  At 7, I get a phone call.  

EB says, "ask your son what he did this morning."  

B gets on the phone and says, "I don't know."

I say, "let me talk to your dad."

EB says, "He called the Ts at 6:30 am while I was in the shower. He asked him if NT was wearing his pajamas to school." Mr. T is a fourth grade teacher and his son is B's BFF I am told.

I am dying of embarrassment.   

So B is wearing his pajamas and going to school.

5 minutes later, phone rings.

Its EB he says.  "B thinks that maybe Mr. T meant NT was wearing his pajamas because he was still in bed and not going to wear them to school. He is crying and all upset."

He tries to convince B that NT is wearing his pjs to school, that is what Mr. T meant.  EB even tells him that he can take jeans and a shirt in his back pack and change if no one else is wearing their pjs.

5 minutes later, phone rings.

Guess who.

EB says that B is going to wear his pajamas and that he is really upset about the jump rope for heart money.  That is a story for another day.

So everyone leaves and the phone doesn't ring again.

I email Mrs T to apologize for the early morning phone call.  

She emails back.  "No worry, it was so cute. BTW hope B is not too upset, NT decided not to wear his pjs to school after all."

My heart broke, right there.  My poor boy.

When I picked them up for school, pj day apparently wasn't an issue at all.

This child is me through and through and I am very worried for him.  Imagine that, me worrying.

To my sister, if you are reading this stop laughing.  

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Sister said...

Yes, I was laughing. Actually, crying. But, then that may be because I was laughing. Off to the bathroom. I think I peed myself.

Love ya