Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Complete Rut

I have run out of things to cook.  I am in a complete rut.  We eat the same things week after week, with an occasional something spectacular (HA), thrown in to shake things up a bit.

Tonight the kids had frozen Schwan's pizza.  I was going to make some freezer burned pork chops for EB and I, but  when I opened the package they really stunk.  The strangest thing was, there were 3 pork chops in the package and 2 were freezer burned and turned brown when they were thawed out.  The other one was bright pink and didn't actually smell bad, but since the other two smelled bad, I wasn't about to eat that one.  

Here is my repertoire:

Tacos (ground beef)
Meatloaf (kid favorite)
Pork tenderloin
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken burritos (kid favorite)
Scrambled eggs

I think we are all tired of all of these things.  Any new, quick and kid friendly meal suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

I should say, I really can cook, but time is an issue.  Yes, I watch Rachel Ray and I see all of her fun 30 minute meals, but lets face it they are mostly fattening and I don't think I could really make anything she makes in 30 minutes.  

Okay planning is probably an issue too!

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Sister said...

So try making chicken stir fry. You can get the stir fry veggies in the frozen section, chop up some chicken breast, throw in some kind of sauce and VOILA!!!