Sunday, March 16, 2008

If a picture is worth a thousand words

How many words must I use when organizing my 2500 photos? 

I have 2500+ photos to organize and the task is a little overwhelming. The fact that I only have 2500 photos to organize is quite an improvement from the 3200+ I started with. 

I have said many times that I was going to go through and get all my pictures organized.  When I say "all" what I really mean is all the pictures I have on my current computer.  That doesn't include the very large box I have upstairs, the rather large pile of developed photos(still in their envelopes) down stairs and the 4 CDs of pictures in our fire box.  I will say some of the pictures on the CDs are probably developed, but I am not entirely positive about that.

I also have 3 completed scrapbooks, you know that fancy ones with all the pretty paper and 3 photo albums, you know the boring ones with just pictures.

I really don't know entirely what my goal is, but some sort of order is necessary.

One of the reasons I bought my new mac, was that is supposed to be great for both organizing and editing photos.  I am less than thrilled with editing abilities of iPhoto, but the organizing part is great.  I will end up purchasing photoshop again for the mac.  

When we bought this new computer I painstakingly copied all of my photos from my pc to the mac. I also uploaded about 300 pictures to Shutterfly.  

Today I started tagging all the photos and assigning them a rating.  The pictures on my computer are from Dec 2005 - current. I am done through August of 2006.  Once I am done tagging them all I am going to make DVDs.  One of each of the kids, one of vacations etc..  I really feel like I have accomplished something.

I am also getting a reduced amount of those pictures developed. I have grand delusions that I will put them in scrapbooks or at least photo albums.  

They are grand delusions!

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