Monday, March 17, 2008

Can you say Ewwwww!

Last night, apparently no one wanted to go to bed.  There were several trips down stairs for drinks, trips to the bathroom, and apparently some nail grooming.

So B and Z are in the one and only bathroom, you know, doing what boys do.  

When I hear, what sounds like, metal hitting porcelain and most certainly water splashing.  

Me, "B, what did you do?" only it was more like "B, WHAT DID YOU DO?" I did feel bad about that and apologized.

Then there were lot of tears.

I walked in the bathroom and looked in the toilet.  They had already done it, and in the bottom of it was all of our nail grooming tools.  


Apparently the need to clip our toenail was so urgent we must get the clippers out while we are urinating.

Thankfully, EB has an iron stomach and takes care of all disgusting things like that.  So he fished it out and threw it in a bucket of bleach.  

Still contemplating on whether I need to buy new tools or not.  

Always something!

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