Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is she on?

I am not really a reality tv fan, but EB likes to watch American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, so I listen while I read my blogs.  

Paula needs some serious help.  I just can not stand to watch her embarrass herself week after week.  She is always rolling her head all over the table and then messing her hair all up and then practically slurring her words.  Drives me insane, if the show had just the contestants, Ryan and Randy it would be fine.  I mean do people really enjoy Simon belittling everyone show after show.  

If I were going to actually sit down and watch a reality show, it would be Dancing with the Stars.  It seems to me they really put there heart and soul into practicing and performing, so it is tolerable to me.  For the last week or so they have had these child dancers competing and they are AMAZING.  I think they have had kids as young as 8 on there and they are great.  Anyway if you don't watch the show, try to catch one episode just to see the kids.  

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