Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I gotta get me a job.

Be warned, I am going to ramble on.

On our refrigerator is a white board and on the white board are notes from my wonderful children.

They say things like....

Mom needs to get a job by 2009. 

Mom needs to get a job so we can move to...... (where ever it is we are contemplating moving this week).  I believe they even changed the location last week.  

Mom needs to get a job so we can get a new house.  

The notes change regularly, but all with the same theme.  They are really thoughtful and encouraging and I know they mean well, but the PRESSURE is getting to me.

Yesterday I had an interview in another state, so I hopped on a plane at 7:30 am, landed, took a connecting flight, picked up a rental car, tried to drive to the interview place, but my little GPS is not updated with maps that knew about the major bridge problem.  I called the lovely assistant to the person I was meeting with and told her my dilemma and that I would be there soon, which ended up being sooner than I thought because all of a sudden I was there.  Still not sure how I managed to get there, but I was there.  

The person I was supposed to meet with was not there due to her own flight problems, so I lunched with another person and then went back for a couple of hours worth of interviews.  It went pretty well and they were all lovely people with whom I believe I would work very well, but......... I think they are really looking for someone with expertise in a particular problem area.  Then the lovely people I met with tried to help me find my way back to the airport avoiding the big bridge problem.  I arrived at said airport, returned my car, took a tram, back to the terminal, and hit security 15 minutes prior to my scheduled departure time.  I searched around the area trying to find a screen to tell me what gate I was supposed to be departing from.  Nice young man finally helped me and I sprinted in my 3 inch heels in the completely opposite direction only to arrive at the gate and find my flight had been delayed.   A whole lot of other stuff happened that would take up two more pages, but finally I got home at 11:00 pm last night.

Today I had the first 2.5 hours of 5 hours of interviews for another position, locally.  Yes I did say 5 hours.  There are 3 candidates and I saw them today, we followed each other around and met with 3 Drs and 2 Administrators.  

Is that enough rambling for today.  I am really tired and need to get to bed.  

PS. Today was my 100th post and therefore I was supposed to do my 100 things about me.  I will do that soon I promise.

PSS...During my interview today, I was asked, not once, but twice, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I do not answer that question well, at all.  I panic, I don't know what to say.  It is not that I don't have ambition or desire to better myself, but I am also comfortable just doing a great job, learning new things and making a contribution.  

The first person who asked me that question said,  "Have you considered getting your master's degree, if you want to go beyond this position, you are going to need your master's. "   Yes I know, yes I have thought about it, but honestly I don't think I have enough brains left to do it. 

What is wrong with just being a great worker.    

Okay really I am done rambling.   

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Lynette said...

The where do you see yourself in N years has got to be one of the stupidest (and I know stupid is a mean word) interview questions. I agree that a person can be successful and ambitious without wanting to rule the world. I got that question a lot last year and assumed the questioner was just a shitty interviewer.