Saturday, April 26, 2008

Knock off!

More stimulating of the economy today.  It is sad when your 6 year old says, "Boy we spent a lot of money today."  And we did.  But I did have a lucky find.  Look at this. 

I know it is not as cute as the original, but the heel is only 3 inches and they were $25 less than the original.  I also think they will be better with the suit.  Just agree with me, because I really, really want to keep the ones on the left, but I must be practical.  I think I will wear the ones on the right to my interview on Monday, that way I will have to return the other ones.  

I am a big fan of HGTV, especially the Designed to Sell show.  But I think they cheat.  We are getting our house ready to sell and I swear we have already spent a $1000 and we are no where near finished.  Today we purchased carpet for our porch, landscape ties to edge our driveway and some storage containers to hide things under our bed, probably all of those shoes I have been buying.

Hopefully, tomorrow we can actually get some work done and not just purchasing.  Need to get to bed so I can be productive.

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