Tuesday, April 15, 2008

She forgot her scarf.

I know that I should be posting something about our little adventure this past weekend, but I am still so torn about what I feel, that I can't even write it down.  

Instead I will give you another, "What was that?" sighting.  

At a gas station in West Virginia (I am not making that up for effect).

While I was contemplating any snacks I might need for the rest of the drive home, I spotted a woman with two giant velcro curlers on the top of her head.  None on the side or bottom.  Just two on the top.  If she would have had a scarf on, I might have thought she was my grandma.

I thought, "oh well, to each his own, but you wouldn't catch me out like that."  I prefer to go out in my mismatched running clothes, all sweaty and with my hair in a two inch pony tail.  I am so much classier than the woman in the curlers.

While I was sitting in the car waiting for EB. I see her come out get in the car, take out the curlers and then brush the heck out of her hair.  She then gets out of the car at the gas pump and sprays, what I am sure was Aqua Net, for about thirty seconds.  She then fluffs it in the reflection of the car and sprays it again.  

I was waiting for someone to light up and the whole place to blow sky high.  

Now the ironic part is, she had a shoulder length straight bob and I could not tell that she had done anything with her hair.   

I promise to post about our adventure soon.

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