Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Paper or plastic

I am really trying to be more responsible and environmentally friendly, but sometimes they make it difficult.  

Just a few examples:

I bought the lovely new canvas type bags at my local megastore, but when I bring them in to use them, I get the nastiest looks from the cashiers.  Kind of like when you ask for paper.  Someone should really give them a lesson to two on their job, you know CUSTOMER SERVICE.  

I try really hard to recycle all my paper, plastic, glass and cans, but the manufactures of these products really could help out a little.  For instance, how about making labels that you can actually get off of the bottles and cans. 

Truly which is worse, wasting all the water washing the cans and bottles or letting the cans and bottles sit in a land fill.  

How about the excessive packaging on children's toys or anything for that matter.  I know that they are trying to prevent shoplifting, but seriously, I shouldn't have to use a hacksaw to open packages and then again throwing away far more packaging than the goods.

Only 13 more posts until my 100th post and then I will share 100 things about me that you could really care less about.  

We are headed south tomorrow to look at our possible new home.  If I have time and the wireless connection works well, I will check in.  If not, tune back in on Tuesday for a full update.  

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