Monday, April 21, 2008

The next Picasso, right here.

A couple of weeks ago, BooMama talked about how her artwork in her house was all done by friends and family.  I thought I could do that, and since we are putting our house up for sale I thought we could use some new decor.  Yesterday afternoon B and I created the paintings below.

This one I really like, but it is too small, so I am going to do a couple more and then hang them in a collage of 3 on the freshly painted porch.

The one below, on the left, I don't like so much.  I was really trying to copy the one on the right, which B did in Kindergarten.  I have had it hanging on my bathroom door for 3 or so years and I just love it, but it wasn't the right color or I would have just framed it.  

I didn't hit the mark, but since it is acrylic paint I am going to keep going over it until I get it right.  B said I bent it just a little too much, and he is right, the angle on the new one just doesn't work.  I also wish I had left a little white space along the edge, but I think I can make it work. 

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