Thursday, April 24, 2008

Someone might be trying to tell me something.

About 2:30 this afternoon, I was jonesin' (I know that is not a word, but that is what I was) for some chocolate.  I grabbed my 65 cents and headed to the god who spits out goodness, aka the vending machine. 

Hey, we got a new vending machine.  A couple of them in fact.  One even has fruit in it, but alas I want chocolate.  So I go to insert my coinage and lo and behold there has been a rate hike, 75 cents for a candy bar.  Must be the fuel costs:p So I head back to my desk to search out another dime.  When I got there I decided maybe I would just have some sweetarts and forget the chocolate.  

That worked for about 2 minutes.  I found another dime and headed back to the vending machine. Oh what should I have?  I really want the Twix, but there in the corner is a 3 Musketeers.  I don't really like 3 Musketeers, but it is chocolate and it has 45% less fat than the leading chocolate bars.  

I put in my change and select my treasure, nothing happens.  I push 149 again, again nothing happens.  I push the coin return and get my money back. I stare at the machine and read the instructions.  I can't remember what they were, except that it didn't say you should select first and then put your money in, but I tried that anyway. No success.  I thought, maybe it just didn't want me to have a 3 Muskateers, so I tried the Twix, nothing again.  

I stare at the machine, until a group of kids come along (take your child to work day). I back off and watch the first kid stick his change in the machine, push his number and get his bag of Doritos.  I walked back to my desk with my head hanging low.  Even the vending machine knows my butt is getting huge.  

So now it is 9:25 and I still want chocolate.  Oooooh.  I just had a revelation.  We still have Easter candy on top of the refrigerator.  Two Butterfinger eggs.  Ahhhhh that hit the spot!!!! 
I can sleep peacefully now.

Only 2 more days and I will post 100 things about me.  Although, I am not sure I have 100 things I want to share.  I am sure there will more totally amazing things like..... Milk Duds are my favorite candy. 

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