Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Package protection

And I am not talking about insuring your goods with the United States Postal Service.

B starts kid pitch baseball this week and let's just say, I am not confident that they can keep it in the safety zone.  He is nine and it is sort of strange thinking about protecting his privates (Yes I know what it is called, but I am a juvenile.) when I can barely get him to let go of them.  I promise it will still be there after you let go. 

Yesterday EB went to the local sporting goods store in search of a cup.  He calls me and asks me what size he should get.  I don't know, you are the man. I don't have whole lot of cup buying experience. He looks at the package, I mean box, and it goes by weight, except that neither of us really knows how much the kid weighs.  We went with the small. 

Last night when EB got home, he was telling B about the cup and what it is for.  B was so excited and said he couldn't wait to wear it to school tomorrow(today).  (EB had bought the kind that came with underwear and a pocket for the cup.) We explained that this was just for practice blah, blah, blah, blah...........and you won't like wearing it anyway.  He was very disappointed.  

Today was his 1st practice and was very excited to wear his cup.  I took him to practice and another mom brought him home.  As soon as he gets in the door he reaches in his pants and pulls out his cup and sets it on the dining room table.  


He said, "It hurts."

I said, "Pick that up and put it in the bathroom."  So now it is sitting on the back of the toilet.    

PS. It says "Talented Sports" on the cup. See they all think it does tricks.

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