Friday, May 16, 2008

There she blows

Yesterday I did some lunch hour and a half errands, Target and the party store.  I spent way to much money on I don't know what. Of course I couldn't leave without hitting the snack isle and the Diet Coke cooler.  

So I picked up a bag of Baked Cheetos.  And I sometimes wonder how I put on 15 pounds in the last year. Just think if I had picked up the regular Cheetos I might have gained 25.  

Okay back to my whole point of the story.  On my drive home I was, of course, eating my Cheetos and drinking my Diet Coke.  I had just stuck a handful of Cheetos in my mouth and had one hand on my Diet Coke and the other on my steering wheel, when I was blind sided by a giant sneeze.  Let's just stop the story right there.

Thankfully I have a container of wet wipes in my car, although they don't really work on glass.  

 BTW the same thing happened to me again when I got back to work.  I have two monitors on my desk.  Lucky me.  

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