Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nut job questionnaire.

Where has the time gone.  I can't believe I haven't posted for a week.  So I am going to pretend that this is Thursday and I am going to post as if it is and I did what I said I would last Wednesday.  I don't want you to think I don't keep my promises.  Because I do, it is part of being a nut job.

So Sunday (pretending this is last Thursday, remember) I flew to PNJL (potential new job location).  Spent the day driving around looking at neighborhoods, talking to EB (who is on looking on constantly .  Lots of fantastic parks and biking trails, but very small yards.  This is going to be difficult.  

Monday, got up showered, put on the new green suite and oh so cute shoes.  Decided to partake in the special continental breakfast at the hotel.  Nearly tripped just walking out of the room, in my oh so cute new shoes.  Apparently one of my feet, was much smaller than when I tried on the oh so cute shoes.  Decided I had better hit Target and find something to fix the shoe problem.  Fixed the shoe problem and then off the PNJ

Met with the consultant, Psychiatrist, for a 2.5 hours.  After a little chit chat and explanation of why I was meeting with her, I took a 5 minute math test and then a 5 minute verbal test.  Next I did a 45 minute reasoning/logic/valid argument test.  Then came the interview.  Finally I got to take home to Psychological Inventory tests which I had to send back to her.  I said I would do them on the plane and send them back to her on Tuesday.

Now lets step back to Saturday night.  We had spent the night with friends, one of whom is a Psychologist.  We had been laughing about my upcoming nut job test.  She said "Whatever you do if they ask you if you are fascinated by fire, say no."  While we are having this conversation we are sitting by a bonfire and laughing about how I love to play in the fire.  

Now forward to my plane ride home.  Are you still with me?  I am doing the first of the two test, 223 questions, where you answer agree, strongly agree...........  Lots of questions about poetry, I still don't get what that was about.  I know one poem only, and I learned it from the 80's flick/book the Outsiders. 

(I am going to have to jump off topic here and say. I just saw a tractor, pulling a car down my street.  HMMMMMM)

Back on subject.  The second test, 434 true/false questions.  

Here are just a few. (With my answers of course)

  • If the pay was right I would like to travel with a carnival or circus.  False
  • I think Lincoln was greater than Washington.  True
  • Sometimes I feel like swearing.  Hello, what do you think.
  • Sometimes I just want to get into a fist fight.  False/Okay maybe true, but that was a long long time ago.
  • I certainly feel useless at times. False/okay that could be true too, but I surely didn't answer it that way.
  • I liked Alice in Wonderland.  True
  • I have deliberately lied.  If you answer False to this, you just lied.  HMMM
  • Sometimes I have the same dream over and over.  Yep, it is about high school and not remembering my locker combination and not being prepared for my test.  I seriously have this same dream at least 2 or 3 times a year.  I kept that to myself.
  • Question # 105 I am fascinated by fire.  Yep it was seriously on there, and I nearly spit my diet coke onto my neighbors lap.  What do you think I said.
The whole thing was pretty weird, but I went in there saying to myself, I am who I am and that ought to be okay. Or not.

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