Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Highway robbery

The highway is literally robbing me blind.  It is happening to us everyday.  Every mile we drive in now sucking more money from our wallets, than ever before.  Tonight I filled up my car, 56.32. EB filled up earlier this week for 82.00.  This will last us not quite one week.  I keep complaining about it just like everyone else, but I haven't really done anything about it.  

I think we are going into debt due to the price of gas.  What I mean is, I haven't stopped spending what used to be my extra/fun money, but I truly have a lot less extra money. Where is the extra $250 a month we are spending coming from?  

I have tried to limit my extra driving, like getting groceries on my way home from work rather than going on Saturday.   I could really be trying to find someone to carpool with, but that is just so inconvenient.  As they have been saying all along, at what point do we break.  When do we actually start to make changes in our lives, due to the price of gas.  We are going to have to start cutting, but I haven't made the commitment to stop spending yet.  

I know we are all feeling it and all probably sick of talking about it, but it gets worse everyday!

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