Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I would never hurt a flea!

But right now I would like to take out some deer, rabbits and squirrels.

Last year, this flower bed had about 50 day lily stems packed in there like sardines. They had been growing and multiplying from 4 plants I bought several years ago.  I had bright red, orange, yellow and pale peach ones.  

One day late last spring I went out to leave for work and noticed that the flowers were just about to open.  I couldn't wait to get home.  I love to cut a bunch off and put them on my desk. When I got home that evening I was in a state of shock, all of the flowers were gone.  I am not exaggerating.  There were two flowers that had not been eaten.  Many of the plants had been knocked over and the bulbs pulled out.  Had I been blogging then, I would have photographic evidence, but you will have to take my word.

Later that day I was chatting with our elderly neighbor, who said she saw some deer out there earlier in the day.  I couldn't believe it, we live in town albeit a small one.  I know we are a mere 5 blocks from the woods, but still in town.

So I hung my head low and cut off all the rest of the stems and buried the bulbs, thinking they will be fine next year.  They'll come back better than ever.  Well you see what I have.  2 hardy stems and one that will be dead tomorrow.  Saturday I said to EB, they probably just haven't come up yet.  So I dug in the dirt and there was not one single bulb in there.  OOOOOOOH I am so very angry and those darn animals.  

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