Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is she a wackadoo?

Sunday I am flying North and West, thankfully not on Northwest. (Can I say that?) On Monday I am going to, what is most likely, my new place of employment.  I have to spend three hours with a consultant, who will be evaluating my math and verbal skills, as well as my management style.  (I think they are just trying to see if I am a nut job.)

That is why I am saying "most likely" my new employer and not just my new employer. It could all go terribly wrong. While I am confident that I will pass the math portion of the test, the verbal could be another story.  I still have to look up when to use who and whom.

You would think, since I have a degree in Journalism, that would be a piece of cake. Actually way back 20 years ago when I was in college, using my writing and editing skills regularly, it was a piece of cake. Now all I have in my head is air rocks numbers. 

Plus there is the whole stress factor. I am going to uproot my family and move my kids away from the only home they know.  More importantly, I have a pimple the size of Texas on my chin.  I asked for a zit zapper for Mother's Day but no one listened.  Maybe it is a good thing. Maybe the person will be so distracted by my distorted face, they won't be listening to me. How is that, for seeing the bright side.

I have a whole lot more to say, but EB says I have to go to bed.  American Idol is over. 

Good Night.  

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