Friday, May 2, 2008


My car has the fabulous Distance to Empty reading on my overhead console.

I love it.

I rely on it.

I take it as the absolute truth.

Yesterday on my way to work I looked at my gas reading and it was at a little over a 1/4 tank. My DTE said I had 110 miles. Perfect. I thought to myself, I can drive to work and back and even out to lunch and then EB can get me gas when he gets home. (He likes to do that, I don't ask him.)

So I drove to work, went to lunch with girlfriends (see note at bottom) and was about 12 miles from home when my gas light came on. No big deal, when my gas light comes on my DTE usually reads about 32. I always check it though, and look at my gas gauge. Gas gauge is at 1/8 of a tank. Perfect. I will make it home. I drove about 2 miles and hit the DTE button again, because I am obsessive that way.

22 Miles.

What the heck. Now, I know that DTW and MPG change regularly depending on how you are driving, but I wasn't driving any differently than I was 2 minutes ago. I decide to leave the DTE reading on. I drive another 1/2 mile, it drops to 11. What is going on. I had just turned down the dirt road (I am going to let me friends dog out before I pick up the kids).

6 Miles.

Drive another 1/2 mile. Gas gauge drops to below empty and my DTE turns to

0 Miles.

WHAT THE HECK. SERIOUSLY how can it change that quickly, while I am watching it. I am 4 miles from the nearest gas station. Cr.. I turn off the air, drive a little more slowly, and debate whether I should stop and let the dog out or just try to get to the gas station. I mean if I stop does it take more gas to re-start the car or should I leave it running. What if Rosie takes a long time to go.

I decide to stop and turn off the engine. Rosie was quick about her business and I get back in the car. Now, does it really matter how quick Rosie is, I mean if the car isn't going to start, it isn't going to start whether it is off for 2 0r 10minutes. Anyhoo. I head down the dirt road, and then get stuck behind someone taking a Sunday drive on a Thursday afternoon. I don't know why I am in such a blasted hurry, if I am going to run out of gas, I am going to do it whether it takes me 4 minutes or 5 to drive to the gas station.

I do make it to the gas station on what feels like fumes. Fill up the tank. 16.22 gallons, I won't even write what that cost. Wait I only have a 16 gal tank don't I. That was pushing it but all is good. I made.

I have learned my lesson, I am going to fill up when the tank says a 1/4. Really I am.

Okay that was until today. I decided to really see what my gas tank holds. Apparently it holds 20 gallons. So I was worried for nothing. I mean I know they build in a stupidity or may stubborn factor when they gauge the DTE, but still.

So now, will I really wait until way after my gas light comes on. How far will I push it. I mean I hate to spend all that money on gas, so I just wait as long as possible. I know it doesn't matter whether I fill up sooner or later I am still spending the money.
PS. Advice: Lunch with friends. If you are contemplating a big change in your life, such as moving to another state. Do not have lunch with your friends and then go back to work and listen to the Carpenter's Greatest Hits. There are not enough tissues for that.

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