Monday, May 5, 2008

Somebody slow the world down, I need to get off.

Did you know that Mother's day is Sunday.   I have heard that a million times in the last couple of weeks, but it just hit me right now.  I am not the only mother, I have a mother. I have not even given one thought as to what I should get my mother.  Or will I pull a lame duck daughter move and just send her a card.  

Sister, if you are reading and have any grand ideas, please call me and share.  

I am not only a bad daughter, but I am a bad mother.  In 17 days the twins will be 7.    I kept telling them we would have a party in the backyard ..... and I would rent one of those jumpy things ..... and they could invite a bunch of their friends.  Not going to happen.  Now I am trying convince them that it would be just as fabulous to have a party at the bowling alley. they can invite their friends and mom won't have to do any work.  

Z is good with it.  His best buddy C's birthday is just a week before his, so his mom and I are contemplating having a group party and inviting most of their class.  G is not so good with it, but I think I have convinced her that if she does this, I will take her somewhere girly and do something fun another day.

Still, I need to see if the bowling alley is available, send out invitations and perhaps buy them a birthday present.  I am truly pathetic terribly busy. There is a present for each of them in the basement, unfortunately they are not from me.  That would be the sister, mentioned above.  She is so good.  

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