Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm sorry. What did you just say?

Today we met with the realtor.  What a way to ruin a Friday.  

This morning, I went to work thinking that I was going to take the really great job in another state.  In MY mind, meeting with the realtor was really just a formality to go over when, how etc. I mean we met with him just a little less than a year ago. 

So we go into the meeting, make a little small talk. Then we start talking about the price of gas and how our house is a little far out. (Price just dropped) Gas isn't getting any cheaper (dropped a little more) and people just aren't going to want to spend that kind of money to drive that far(Can't go much lower).  

Next we talk about how only 4 homes have sold in the last two years in our little town (price is plummeting).  We have yet to talk about how our little house is a lot nicer than most of the other houses like ours in our neighborhood.  

The conversation continues in the same vein for the next 10 minutes and then he tell us that we will be lucky to sell our house for $40K less than he told us a year ago, and back then we were just barely breaking even.  Now we would walk away still owing money on a house we wouldn't have.  That would be something I could understand if I had been in my house 5 years, but we have been here 12 years.  YES 12 years.  

I went back to work and hit the vending machine.  At least today it had enough sympathy for me to actually gave me my Twix bar.  

We are back to square.  I am not sure there are enough Milkduds on the planet to make me feel better.   

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