Sunday, February 3, 2008

Disney prep

5 days to go if you don't count today. After all half of the day is over and tonight is the Super Bowl.  No matter how pointless it is since my Packer's are not there.  Oh well, go Giants.

Anyway the whole point of this post is, that we are starting to get ready.   For instance, I am using my Jergens Daily Glow, so I don't frighten little children with my white legs.  If you have pasty white legs like me, you should really try it.  I love the stuff.  

I also ran to Kohl's to pick up some decent walking shoes, since I need to run 13 miles on the 17th.  When I got there I thought I would take a quick peruse through the clearance section.

Well look what I found.

I got all that for $15.  That is what I paid for swimming trunks for the boys.  The pink/peach shirt was $1.40  For that I could wear it once and still not feel bad. 

Whoo hoo.  I love a good deal.

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