Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will it ever end

Well, I went to work yesterday and lasted until about noon.  Then I came home and went to bed, completely exhausted.  Yesterday Z was running a fever so EB stayed home him and then when I got home he picked up the other two and took them to the dentist.

Today, I stayed home with Z, because I really needed more rest and he is still running a fever.  Now what to do with tomorrow, neither of us feel like we can miss another day of work.  I am going to call a SAHM friend of mine and see if she will keep the sicky, keep your fingers crossed. They have this thing at work called Kids Care at home, but I never signed up for it because it is $20+ an hour and at that point, I might as well stay home.  

Today I actually did something productive, I created a photo album on ilife of our trip to Florida.  I am going to print it and see how it turns out, right now they are 20% off.  There are not as many layout options as there are with Shutterfly, but I couldn't get the mac version of the uploader to work.  This is going to be an issue I can tell with having a mac.  I do love it, but things I took for granted aren't really working.  Once I get the other computer fixed, I will be able to use that one for uploading things and the apple for the rest.  

Okay I am pooped and need to go to bed. I still need to blog about the race, but it is going to have to wait a few more days.

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