Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A different era

I called my parents tonight to see if they had gotten my email with the condo information for the trip.  I have I told you about the trip we are taking, haven't I 

Anyway my dad answered, mom was not home,  and I asked him if they got my email.  He said he didn't know, but he would go check.  I said, "you don't have to do that, just give me your email address so I can make sure it is right."  He gives me their email address and I say, "dad, that is your old address".  

He says, "No".  

I say, "Yes it is. Why don't you look it up on the computer or just check if you got my email".

He goes in and checks the email and says, "How do I find my email address?".  

I said, "Just open and email and if it doesn't show in the to line, just double click on your name". 

He says, "There is an email here from you".

I say, "Is it from yesterday?"

He says, "Yes". 

I then tell him what his email address is.  

I am actually very proud of my parents.  They have a satellite dish, a cell phone and dsl.  All purchased in the last year or so.  They used to borrow a friends track phone when they went on long trips, just in case. 

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