Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obscene mail

Today I received an obscene piece of mail.  

No, it wasn't a picture of Paris Hilton's hoochie.

No, it wasn't Brittany's ta tas.

It wasn't an ad for Cialis or Viagra.

Or even Matt Damon's back side.

It was an invitation to my 25th class reunion. 

Why is that obscene?

Hello, I am only 25 myself, how could I possibly be having a 25th class reunion. 

Eighty-four, eighty-four, eighty, eighty, eighty-four.

I have no idea if I'll go, I have yet to go to one.  For the last few months I have been thinking about my high school classmates and was having trouble remembering one of my best friend's last name.  Then on Sunday night it just came to me out of the blue.  Weird.  I did go to the website and she is registered, so I thought what the hell and I emailed her.  

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