Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me vs. He

  • Me:  4:00 Leave work.
  • Me:  4:45 Pick up kids at school age care.
  • Me:  5:00 Get home, help the kids hang up their coats, take off boots, put on slippers and head to the kitchen.
  • Me:  5:05 Have the kids start their home work.
  • Me:  5:10 Answer 52 million silly questions and help with math, get out stuff to make pancakes, realize we don't have enough eggs, put away stuff to make pancakes, make chicken noodle soup & peanut butter sandwiches, answer 71 million more questions.
  • He:  4:30 Leaves work
  • He:  5:10 Gets home, goes into bedroom, turns on the news and changes his clothes.  
  • He:  5:25  Comes out of bedroom, comes in the kitchen and eats his dinner.
  • Me: 5:25  Give everyone their dinner, remind the kids to put away all their stuff and eat their dinner.  Eat a bowl of cereal and then start cleaning up from dinner.
  • He: 5:35 Goes up and starts looking on the computer at stuff.
  • HELLO!  Geez does this happen to anyone else.  
  • Oh and some where along the way I threw in a load of laundry and changed my clothes to go to the gym. Helped the kids memorize their AWANA verses and such.  That's all.

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