Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandma's chicken noodle soup

I made it, but it will be forever Grandma's chicken noodle soup.

Gabby helped make the noodles.  

Okay once upon a time, when my mom made it, there were noodles.

I vividly remember helping my mom make noodles.  She would mix up the dough and roll it out on our wobbly old kitchen table.  Once she rolled out the dough, she rolled it up like a jelly roll.  She then cut the dough with this very well worn knife.  When they were all cut up, we would shake out all the noodles so they could dry out.  After a couple of hours of drying my mom would throw them in the pot of chicken soup.  They made the most interesting noodles.  Some were fat, and some were skinny, they were all wrinkly.

After I left home she changed her method.  The next time I saw her make soup, she was cheating.  She still rolled out the dough, but she started using the pizza cutter to cut the dough.  Quick, but the noodles were flat and didn't have the character of the originals.  

Now, she doesn't even roll out the dough, just plops it into the soup.  Of course that is how I do it.  So technically it is chicken and dumpling soup, which is of course fabulous, but not the same.  

I need to teach my children to make the original, before the memory is lost forever.   

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