Monday, January 5, 2009

My deep and abiding love of HBA

I am a hair girl.  No I don't have fabulous hair, but I have lots of it and it is soft and unfortunately very straight.  

I had giant 80's hair well into the 90's.  Along with my hair, came a love of hair products. Lots and lots of hair products.  Shampoos, conditioners, mousse, root lifter, hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons (3 at that), hot rollers and HAIR SPRAY.  I love all HBA products, maybe because I need so many, but hair products are my favorite.  

When we moved, I had 4 different bottles of shampoo, 2 different types of conditioner and a whole assortment of other products. I decided I was going self-imposed hair product purchasing hiatus.  I was not allowed to buy anymore products until I used up all of my other products. 

I was doing pretty well until I had my hair cut in December.  That is when the lovely Lisa gave me a sample bottle of hair spray.  Not just any hair spray either.  Aerosol hair spray.  It was love at first spray.  

I gave up all aerosol products back in the early 90's, with the exception of cooking spray.  I felt I had done my share of depleting the ozone with all those gigantic cans of Aquanet.  If I had been a smoker, I could have surely put on a pyrotechnic display like no other.  

I am on the last drops of this hairspray and am being tortured about whether I should purchase a can when I get my hair cut in a couple of weeks.  

OOOOOOH what should a girl do.  I recycle. I car pool. I turn off the lights and turn down the heat.  I should have my hairspray!!!!!! The other thing is, it is $15 a can.  Really I almost can't bear it.  


Patti said...

Seriously, $15.00 for a can of hairspray. What you are too good for the $1.19 Super Hold Suave?? You shouldn't worry about the ozone, you should worry about bankruptcy court.

alwayssomethin said...

I know, but the can is so pretty. I won't do it. I can't be self-indulgent when I want to build a new house. But it smells nice too.